Skylark Ranch

Outside the Bay Area

Skylark Ranch is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

2022 Editor Note: In 2020, Skylark Ranch was severely damaged by the CZU Lightning Complex wildfire and is currently closed. For more information see

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Feb 2015

RE: camp with horseback riding

My daughter did a Girl Scout horseback riding camp at Skylark Ranch near Santa Cruz, and really enjoyed it (she went the last two summers for a week each time, at age 9 and 10). You don't have to be a member of a Girl Scout troop to go--they just charge an extra $12 if you're not. They offer both English and Western riding (my daughter did Western) at different levels of experience and different age groups. They provide bus transportation to the camp from San Jose. Carrie

Jan 2009

Re: Sleep Away Camps (with horses?) for 11-year-old girl
The Girl Scouts have a horse-oriented sleep-away camp in the Santa Cruz mountains called Skylark Ranch. You don't need to be a girl scout to go, and the prices are very fair. My daughter went last year at age 8 and is going again this year, and she had a blast! Their website is Look for Skylark Ranch (they have several camps). HTH, Erin

Check out Girl Scout camps! The Bay Area Council has two horse focused camps: Skylark in Santa Cruz Mtns. and Sugar Pine in the Sierra foothills. Well run programs, relatively inexpensive (compaired to others), and I know many girls who have had a blast there. Go to Girl Scout fan

Jan 2003

Re: Horse-riding sleepaway camp for our almost 10-year-old
Try Skylark Ranch of the San Francisco Bay Girl Scouts. The camp is a couple of miles back from the water near Pescadero (between Half-Moon Bay and Santa Cruz) and the most affordable riding and horse tending experience for girls of all skill levels. You can find them via My daughter went two years and enjoyed it a lot. Heather