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March 2009

Re: Reasonably-priced volunteer placements for 16-year-old
Sino Language Gateway has a great volunteer summer program for teens 15-18. Visit (copy and paste the whole URL) you will see what it is about. It offers teens to do English teaching to Chinese kids, earn as many as 80 community service credits, immerse into Chinese language and culture, and travel a bit inside of China.

The program is very reasonablly priced. It is cheaper than most other non-profit volunteer opportunities. The program is so packed that truly offers a lot to teens. Check it out or call call 1-866- WITH-SLG for more info. Anna

Feb 2008

Re: Foreign language summer camps
hi, I happened to take my son and his friend to China last summer 2007 for a Chinese immersion program through Sino Language Gateway. Both of them do not know any Chinese language. The program lasted about 3 weeks. The kids learned the Chinese language, and culture. At the end of the session, we travelled to Inner Mongolia for about 4 days. I didn't expect my son's language capability to improve dramatically but what I found was the boys are much more willing to speak the language. The program itself is really well-organized and safe. You can check their website, it is . Anna