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Berkeley, CA
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April 2011

I saw a posting for a summer camp in Berekeley with Lora/Larissa Shapiro but I can't find any reviews from former students or parents. Any info or experience from others would be much appreciated. Cindy

My daughter took summer classes with Larisa and loved them. The classes were small and everyone got personal attention. She liked the different projects and enjoyed the slide shows that came with interesting stories. We framed one of the drawing she made in the camp - it's beautiful! She is really looking forward to taking Larisa's classes again this summer. I am sure your child will like the camp. Larisa is very accommodating and easy to talk to. Elena

I can highly recommend Larisa Shapiro's summer art camp. Last summer my son (age 13) went for two weeks, really enjoyed the program and plans to go this coming summer. The program is for teens who enjoy learning about art history and themes found in art, such as dreams or mythology. Students see reproductions from a variety of artists and then create their own work. The studio is a beautiful, quiet environment. Larisa is very engaged with the students. Wilma