Science Adventure Camp

Berkeley, CA
Nature & Outdoors
No longer in business
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this camp appears to have closed

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April 2004

Both of my kids loved the science adventure day camp when they did it a few years ago (they're too old now). Their camp was in Tilden park. They did a mix of science and outdoor type stuff, and made something everyday related to the theme of the week that they brought home. The group was fairly small, the ratio good, and the teachers nice and energetic, mostly college students, I think. I would recommend it. anne

I am interested in finding out more about this summer camp that happens in Tilden Park. My son will be in first grade next year. Is this an appropriate camp for a science-minded boy who also likes to run? Is there adequate adult supervision? Thanks. Donna
The science adventure camp run by Alan Kaplan is small, very well-supervised, with a nice balance of indoor and outdoor activities: nature walks, videos with popcorn, examination of owl turds, amphibian jeopardy games, etc. I think, though, it's for ages 8-11, not for first graders. Ellen
Science Adventures-- my son did this camp last year, after 2nd grade, and it was the only one of his summer camps that he liked! Very well-organized and supervised. They did many projects each day, but it didn't seem rushed. Deborah
My son David did a Science Adventures camp two summers ago (before he entered K) in Tilden Park. He loved it (it was Space and Rocketry) and the counselors seemed good to me. At the end of the week they went to Walnut Creek to launch the rockets they had made during the week, which was a blast, so to speak. :-) This year he will try Fins and Fangs. He has a good friend who has done these camps for two summers and also loves them. -- Lindsay