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June 2012

Does anyone have any experiences or knowledge of the Power Chord Academy camp? My 13 yo daughter wants to attend the overnight session at Power Chord Academy this year and I'm a bit nervous about sending her to it as I've never heard about it nor has she attended an overnight camp before. Any information would be greatly appreciated!! Nervous mom

My son went to the Power Chord session at St. Mary's about three summers ago. He did not stay overnight, because we live in Moraga around the corner from the campus. He stayed late each night. Had a great time. There is a performance the last day. It is pricey, but it worked out well for him to see what being in a band is like. Thought the staff was sensitive to 'parent' issues and while they were cool, they were not going to let the kids go wild. I was fine with the cost, because I needed an all day program for that period of time. My son was about 15 when he went. Maybe 14. It was a good experience for him, but he did not and does not talk about it as being the coolest thing he ever did. Be prepared that they will contact you often afterwards to get you to sign up again - nice people and when I said he would not go again, they ceased the marketing. Oh, there is a discount for early registration, but the website had no way to get the discount - I called and they handled it over the phone. Cheryl