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May 2012

Re: Anyone know Dimond or Montclair Rec Center camps?
I would like to recommend Peace Camp to you for your now 6 and 7 year old. It has a really small group with only 20-25 kids. They don't let the kids fight ('cause it's Peace Camp) and they swim every afternoon. Their counselors are great and they don't lose track of the kids. The cost is only $200. for the week, full time 8:30 Am to 5:30 pm. The only problem is that the camp is only running for one week in Berkeley this year. You can find more info on their website: Peace Camp fan

March 2012

Peace Camp has offered summer day camp programs for the past 22 years in Berkeley. It is a SMALL camp and we are in danger of closing. Should we even offer it at all this summer? We have one week scheduled, and the cost is $200 for the week. The cost includes a full day: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, with singing and peace art in the morning and swimming every afternoon. Is this cost too high for parents? We are a calm and relaxed place for children to enjoy being children, but do parents want more academic programs? There are now many camps for parents to choose from, are we too small to be noticed? Perhaps families just don't know about our program. Where do parents look for programs? What are your suggestions? Would love your feedback, thanks much! Mary

I've heard great things about your camp from a friend of ours who sends her granddaughter there every summer. Unfortunately I could never enroll my daughter in your camp because the Berkeley session always happens at the same time as this other camp that my daughter loves to do every summer. Have you ever considered adding more sessions in the Berkeley area? Do you have faithful followers of your camp? Ask them to spread the word. Some schools allow you to put flyers out about your camp. Maybe some of your faithful followers can do that for you. Berkeley Parents Network is a good place to let everyone know about your camp. And so is Parents Press. My sense is that maybe you need some help with outreach, and also presentation and how the info of your camp is explained. I know plenty of parents who would love a mellow, easy- going camp with a positive message such as yours, but they may not know about it. Or maybe they came across your website and didn't get much of an impression. Maybe you need to reinvigorate your image as a camp. Refresh the graphics on your homepage, with more images of children having a good time, singing songs, swimming, etc. Maybe add a video or two as examples. Your main page only shows flowers which may not give the right first impression. My first impression of just flowers did not speak ''Summer Camp'' to me at all. Talk to some of the dedicated parents who send their kids to your camp. Ask their advice on how to make your camp more enticing.

I personally think we have way too many academic summer camps, especially here in the East Bay. Good old fashion camps with singing, swimming and making art is not so common anymore. There is an interest out there, it's just a matter of tapping into the right audience and presenting yourselves as a ''haven'' or ''answer'' to what they've been looking for all along, And by the way, $200 is a very good price. I wish we could go this summer. Best of luck to you. -Anon

P.S. I forgot to mention that the video you have on your camp website is not compatible with my computer. So I was unable to watch it. For outreach you need to use a format that works on on all computers. Most websites these days use a format for their videos that everyone can watch. Again, reinvigorate and update your website to bring in new interest. The Berkeley area has a high population of families and there are a ton of camps in this area. This area is known for having almost way too many choices. Perhaps your camp tends to get lost in the noise. Bring out some distinction to bring new attention to it. And again, reach out to your faithful followers in this area. They might be able to help. Anon

July 2011

My children have been going to a really wonderful day camp for the past few years. My 15 year old started when she was four years old and for the past 2 years has been a Counselor in Training (CIT).

They love it and I do too. The camp is small with great counselors. The kids get lots of individual attention. They do art projects, play qames, sing, swim every afternoon and go on filed trips. The price is really great too, only $200 for an entire week, 9 hours a day. I'm telling you about this camp because they haven't been advertising enough and need more registrations in order to keep going. Please, check out Peace Camp at '' Contact Mary she is a lovely warm person and she will give you more info. Maria

March 2002

My daughter's very interested in Peace Camp (held at the Unitarian Fellowship). Anybody have any experiences to report? Judy

My daughter's gone to Peace Camp for the past two summers and will register again this year. (Margaret's choice, as well as ours.) It's not as hippy-dippy as one might think; the message of peace and the value of conflict resolution are woven into the kids' activities with some subtlety, and the counselors' style is kind but matter of fact. Nice, relaxed atmosphere (rather low-key compared to some camps), with traditional stuff like circle time and wonderful goofy songs, arts and crafts, swimming every day, and a field trip once a week.

Something that impressed me last year was when my daughter was in one of her more outrageous moods and blatantly disobeyed and dissed Mary Miche, the camp director. Mary, a normally even-tempered woman, was quite angry, and admitted to me later that she had wanted to give Margaret a good smack. (I recognized this feeling....) Instead of doing so, she let her temper cool and then had a talk with Margaret, another counselor, and an advocate (chosen by my kid). Everyone calmed down and I was informed later that Margaret would be eligible to become a counselor-in-training the next summer. I wish all grown-ups could be this mature about sorting out their resentments. Melanie