Girls on the Go Camp

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Field trip camp for girls ages 9-13

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June 2007

We also recommend their Girls On the Go camp for the 9-13 year old girls. These girls are really on the go as they travel via public transportation and lots of walking all around the Bay Area. There are interesting discussions and presentations as well as activities to expand their horizons. Our 14 year old now uses public transportation to get around with friends as she was introduced to the how to's and safety awareness with GOTG. Feel free to email with questions. lapidus

May 2006

I hear there are a few openings left for the Girls on the Go Camp created by the directors of Monkey Business Camp. This is a great opportunity for pre-teen girls to explore the Bay Area as well as hang out with girls. My daughter enjoyed the daily treks and adventures which they did by public transportation. There are workshops, museum visits, and interesting discussion time as well. Check out their web site at

For three years now, our twin daughters have loved Girls on the Go Camp. It is run by Stacey and Heather, the amazing duo who created Monkey Business Camp. This a more ''sophisticated'' version of MOnkey Business, with the same kind of great staff. The girls travel all over the Bay doing great outings. Lots of public transportation, lots of adventures. My kids have loved it. Their website is Please feel free to contact me for more details.

January 2006

Hello, My twelve year old has just announced that she doesn't want to attend the eight- week camp that she has been going to for the past four summers any more. I told her that that was fine, but that we had to find something else regular -- the main problem being that I work all day. I've checked the archive for summer camps, but most of the entries for girls her age are fairly old. I'm looking for suggestions for day or overnight summer camps for pre teens. She is very academic and loves math, science, and reading, though likely wouldn't want to go to summer school; is physical and enjoys the outdoors, though has never really enjoyed team sports. The camp she has been attending is a drama camp; she has loved it, but most of her friends are leaving this year as well. I think though, that she would be open to trying something else in the performing arts. Please help. Thanks! anon.

My 12 year old daughter has been regularly attending two great summer camps. The first is Girls on the Go. It is a smaller camp run by the director of Monkey Business. I think the ages of the girls are from 9 to 15. Everyday the girls go on a field trip and use public transportation to get there. One of the directors is Stacy Ray. She is phenomenal. Call her if you have any questions after visiting Monkey Business' website. Both of these camps are in North Berkeley. Hope this helps. Sabrina

Also recommended: Bar 717 Ranch, Monkey Business Camp, Stage Door Conservatory