Foothill Horizons Summer Camp

Outside the Bay Area
School-Aged, Preteens, Teens
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Located near Sonora, CA

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April 2012

Hello, Can anyone comment on Foothill Horizons Summer Camp? There's a review on the archives from 2009, and I'd love to hear from anyone who has had a more recent experience. Thank you. Rachel

Foothill Horizons is a GREAT summer camp. It is straightforward and a traditional camp experience. Not a lot of frills; although, the kids sleep in buildings, not tents. Which is actually wonderful for kids with asthma or allergies. Makes it 'doable.' Each week has a theme and even my jaded 14 -15 year old enjoyed the theme weeks. They are done well. He went to the camp from age 12 to 15. (There are opportunities for the older teens to be Jr. Counselors.) I felt the program does a really good job of giving kids a camp experience where there are activities for everyone. On the first day, the kids get to pick out things they want to do. There is a swimming pool, but they also go out to a lake one day.

I think the experience is great and the price is sooooo reasonable. The woman who runs the registration is wonderful and I know she would happily answer any questions. Overall, I recommend Foothill to just about any kid. Cheryl

Feb 2009

Re: Nearby Sleepaway Camp for 9 Year Old Girl
My 3 sons are going to Foothill Horizons this summer after my oldest (now 13) went and loved it last year. It's outside of Sonora, is M-F, and has bus transportation which leaves from Lafayette. We'd heard great things about it for years before my oldest finally went last year. It takes kids as young as just finished 2nd grade. No electronics, all outdoors, great counselors who sent us detailed letters about our kid's experience at camp, unfortunately no horses (for the writer who was looking for a horse camp), but lots of fun ... Mom of 3 boys