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Located in Santa Barbara, CA

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Dec 2013

We are interested in sending our child to Far View Ranch Camp this summer. It looks great as far as we can tell! I'd like to hear about recent experiences at the camp, as the last posting to this list is from 2009. Specifically, I'd like to know strengths and weaknesses. Thanks. lr

We love Far View Ranch Camp!!! Our family is in the second generation of going to summer camp there. The children absolutely love it. I knew it was right when we picked our son up after his first time there and the first words out of his mouth were, ''I can't wait for next summer.''

Far View is a classic summer camp experience. They manage to keep a structured yet free environment. The kids have responsibilities that give them confidence in themselves that is hard to replicate in today's busy world.

The vibe from top down is one of loving acceptance. Kids don't get left out or feel like they aren't part of the Far View Family. I never anticipated how incredible and beautiful this experience turned out to be. Both my kids regretted that they weren't convinced to start going at a younger age. Samantha

Aug 2009

Re: Away/Overnight Camp weeks of July 20th
My son went to Far View Ranch Camp last summer for the first time and begged to go back again this year. This is a wonderful place. Warm, welcoming, FUN. Activities include: Horseback riding, caring for farm animals, hiking, drama (campfire plays), art (they have a kiln), singing, swimming, fishing, generally having a great time. Lots of room to run around and explore. A swimming hole with a rope swing, a fishing hole, great food.

This is a family run camp and has been around for forever. I met parents who went there when they were kids, and now take their kids. Highest recomendation. Check out their website:www.farviewranch.com Christina

Jan 2009

Re: Sleep Away Camps (with horses?) for 11-year-old girl
For a sleep away camp with horses, please check out Far View Ranch Camp. Go to www.farviewranch.com. Although the sessions are 2 weeks rather than one, the times flies by for the kids. I went there almost 40 years ago and my two kids went as long as they could and absolutely loved it. In addition to horses they have many other animals that the kids help taking care of - goats, cows, pigs, kittens, etc. The staff do a great job making sure each camper is happy and making friends. The only downside is the drive to get there as it's about 2 1/2 - 3 hours from Berkeley, but it's worth it for the kid's sakes. former camper