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April 2020: This organization seems to have ceased operation, as the website is no longer valid

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Jan 2011

Re: Summer volunteer adventure for 16-y-o daughter
My 15 yr old son went last summer with Education without Borders to Costa Rica for the month of July. The leader, Alfredo, is a great guy. as is co-leader Dani. They took 10 kids, 2 from BHS, and then a bunch from Oakland Tech and other schools. He had a great experience. They painted a clinic, planted trees in the rain forest, built eco-char stoves, stayed with host families. Their website looks very slick, but they are actually small, hard working, dedicated and struggling, like a lot of groups these days. I highly recommend them. lauren

March 2010

Re: Teen seeks summer abroad volunteer work
Last summer my 15 yr. old son went to Costa Rico with Education Without Borders International. I discovered it from a posting on this site. My son LOVED the experience: social justice, Spanish language foci; very diverse group, learned a lot, worked on organic coffee farm and in a small village with homestay. They do different trips each summer. Based in Oakland. Not fancy, very real, close group, great leaders. Check out website. Sarah