Camp Deer Lake

Outside the Bay Area
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Girl Scouts

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    April 2007

    We are thinking about going to the family camp session of the Girl Scout Camp called Camp Deer Lake in Soda Springs. Has anyone done the family camp or had a daughter go to the regular camp? Any opinions on food, staff, faciliites, etc. would be appreciated. Kate

    My daughter went to Deer Lake two years in a row between 4th and 6th grades. The first year she went to Waterskippers with a friend, the second by herself to a horseback riding program. She loved it both years. It was challenging for her to be outdoors every minute (even the dining hall is open air), be expected to put up her own tent, etc. but she really enjoyed the challenges. She also enjoyed being in an all-girl environment very much. She's very extroverted, so I'm not sure how it would work for someone less outgoing. They also had a Saturday in May where girls could come and check the camp out before their session and I think she found that helpful. anon