Contra Costa College for High School Students

San Pablo
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  • Concurrent Enrollment: For middle and high school students. Opportunity to take college credit-bearing courses.
  • Gateway to College: is for young adults, aged 16-20, who have dropped out or are unlikely to graduate from high school.
  • High School College Connection: Concurrent Enrollment Program that provides coaching, mentorship, and embedded tutoring.
  • Metas: For Pre-K to 12th grade students interested in STEM. Provides free tutoring, special events, and support for parents.
  • Middle College High School: students earn a high school diploma while working towards the completion of an Associate Degree or 60 transferable credits in four to five years.

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Dec 2011

My 14-year-old daughter, who has been homeschooling for several years, plans to go to our local HS (El Cerrito) next Fall. This will be quite a challenge for her, as she is below grade level, does not like to read, avoids academic work. She's done lots of psych, ed, vision testing over the years, no real diagnosis (might be considered ADHD but has never taken medication). She's a strong athlete and accomplished chef and pianist, with many interests and passions. She is organized and competent and entrepreneurial -- but a lousy student in traditional school settings. We are working to get her caught up, and looking for help from tutors and perhaps summer school so she can have some classroom experience. Someone recently posted about SPEARS summer program for kids about to enter middle school. Anything like that for kids entering HS? Would love to find some more structured classes this Spring and Summer, also tutors that might be helpful for her during this transition.

I sent my son to summer school at Contra Costa College, they have a program for kids entering high school. It was not too academically intensive, but did give him a feel for what public school would be like. anon

June 2011

Re: Academic summer program for 9 year old
Contra Costa College for Kids have a great summer program. This year there will be only one session offered in July because of budget cuts. My 7 years old daughter will be attending. Good selections of classes to choose from. Here's the link: