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Jan 2015

RE: Architecture summer camp? Design Camp?

Check out Studio H (Camp H). They have programs specifically for girls. My granddaughter started an 8 week long (one day a week) Architecture camp yesterday. She came back really excited. They have other classes and camps and they vary from session to session. They have an 11 module Fearless Builder Girl Certification. It is for girls from 9-12. The camps are at REALM Charter High School where they have a wonderful studio with all kinds of tools and equipment like laser cutters and such. Emily Pilloton (an architect) is the camp director. Granddaughter loves design.

March 2014

I'm thinking about sending my 9-yr-old daughter to Camp H for a week this summer (design/building camp for girls age 9-12, at REALM Charter Middle School in Berkeley, Would love to hear your feedback/experience about the summer camp/curriculum/counselors/team aspect, and, if applicable, its after-school camp. Thank you! Daughter Is Handy/Crafty

Bad news first: I think it's already sold out. Good news: that's because it's a wonderful camp. I just got an e-mail that they're opening up a third week, an advanced program for kids who've done camp or after-school before, so that may open up some spots in the earlier weeks. The director is really responsive, so I'm sure she'll be able to let you know what's available. My daughter went both weeks last summer as a rising-5th grader, and will be returning this summer. She loved it. For one, she had a really positive social experience there, and the camp leadership and structure played a big part in that. Their team-building games were clearly popular, and the counselors and teachers were really engaged with the kids. Also, my daughter took to the all-girl environment like a fish to water; it's a great age for that. She was so proud of what she made there -- creative without requiring ''artistic'' skills that she claims not to have -- and she got a lot out of the field trips to professional workshops. Camp H matches up really well with the ages they serve. And on top of it all, they're reasonably priced for a 9-5 camp. Anne