California Adventure Camps

Walnut Creek, CA
Nature & Outdoors
No longer in business
Editors' Notes: 
  • It appears this camp is no longer operating.
  • There is another camp in Walnut Creek with a similar name: Adventure Day Camp

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April 2009

California Adventure Camps is the best summer offering I've found for my youngest two kids. They have something for almost every interest with two age appropiate field trip camps, Bay Area Explorers and Jr. Explorers. Visits to Discovery Kingdom, Waterworld, Windsurfing,RockClimbing and more. There's a Skateboard Camp that visits all of the best skate parks in the area. A Tackle Football Summer Camp ( my son did this two years ago as a beginner and has been playing in their regular seasonleague ever since) and this year they have a KIDS TV Production Camp where camps learn the ins and outs of Television production from behind the scenes and in front of the camera. debbie

April 2008

This is a wonderful organization. My son has been with their program for 3 full summers now and with all of the variety available he's never left without fun or challenge. They have a Bay Area Explorers Camp that is exclusively mobile and visits all the summer fun spots in the Bay Area including Waterworld and Discovery Kingdom. There's a super popular Skateboard Camp, Teen Leadership Camp, Beginner Tackle Football and Baseball Camp run by a former professional player. Camps are for ages 4.5 - 16 and they are a member of The East Bay Regional Parks Day Camp Collaborative. They also run a year round youth sports program with Tackle Football, Flag Football, Baseball, Basketball and Soccer. If you're looking for a fun summer league check them out. debbie