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  • I'm looking into enrolling my 8 year old in a Soccer Camp at Cal. The name of the camp is "CALIFORNIA SOCCER ACADEMY & CAMPS - UC BERKELEY". Has anyone tried the soccer day camp there and how do you like it? I'm primarily looking for something that can teach my son some skills, not just run around and play (although he likes that too). It's a long drive to Berkeley, just want to make sure it's a solid soccer camp before enrolling him. Thanks!

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March 2011

Re: Baseball or football camps for 1st grader
Cal Athletics (not Cal Adventures or Cal/Golden Bear Recreation) offers a non-contact football camp in June. Especially if your first grader is a Cal football fan, this a fun experience. The drills are run by the Cal football coaching staff, and many of the players on the roster, including some of the marquee players, assist, and they are generally all very accessible and encouraging to the campers. My son attended the camp a few years ago with a buddy and had a great time.

The camp is suitable to kids of all levels, and the focus is on skill-building and having fun, so it's not a hard-core development camp or anything.

That being said, I would recommend that your first grader attends the camp with a buddy or two. There are a few kids attending the camp who have ties to the Cal football coaching staff or player roster, or kids who have played Pop Warner football, so they come into the camp with a sense of familiarity or perhaps an elevated ego for whatever reason, so there is a bit of hierarchical posturing that goes on at the camp. Mom of camper