Camp Bothin

Marin County

Tucked away in the rolling hills and valleys of Marin, Bothin’s cozy tree-covered canyon offers a wide variety of classic camp activities, from high adventure courses to performing arts and everything in between. Bothin offers an incredible array of experiences: take aim on the archery range, zip-line through the redwoods, perform on the theater stage, or let creativity shine in the Art Barn, and more. Bothin campers can spend their summer days their way!

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

    Feb 2007

    My daughter is in 2nd grade, just joined Girl Scout Brownies in Alameda. Any feedback on the Girl Scout day camps or overnight camps? Previously her summers have been a mix of daycamps where I look for fun, structure, small classes and a low adult:student ratio to help her stay on-task. Betsy

    My daughter went to sleepaway camp for the first time when she was 8 (her choice). Camp Bothin was a good first-time camp. They have a ''family day'' before camp starts at the beginning of summer so you can check it out. We liked being able to visit it ahead of time. Also, it is only an hour away, so she didn't feel like she was going too far and I knew I could pick her up if there were any problems. The facility is a no-frills camp, very basic. The staff changes every year, but they usually seem to have a good group of young adults working there. Girl Scouts has been running these programs forever and they seem to have the details all worked out. To specifically address the things you asked about, it was fun and structured -- they have the girls busy all day. And they stay in the same small group for sleeping, activities, chores, etc. I think the adult-child ratio varies depending on the number of girls signed up each week. Hope she has fun, whatever you decide!
    Girl Scout Mom