East Bay BALL Summer Camp

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Oakland, CA
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Jared Crayton-Thomas and Stephanie Krutsch
School-Aged, Preteens
48 participants
contact [at] summerballcamp.com

East Bay BALL Summer Camp is an ideal summer option for boys and girls ages 6-12 who love baseball and outdoor playtime! The camp is dedicated to improving the skill level and increasing the enjoyment of baseball for the youth of Oakland and surrounding East Bay communities.  BALL campers receive hands-on instruction in all aspects of the game from our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. Mornings are devoted to drills and instruction; organized games take place after lunch.  Unless otherwise noted, each one-week session runs Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm.  Camp sessions are located at Caldecott Field near Highway 24/Caldecott Tunnel.


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April 2014

Re: Summer Baseball Camp for 6- year old
Check out East Bay Ball Camp (http://www.summerballcamp.com). It is run by a Oakland couple with 3 sons all of whom were avid baseball players. Two of my boys worked there while in high school (they were also long-time baseball players with North Oakland/South Oakland Little League). It is well run with skills work in the morning and games in the afternoon. Players are divided up by age group. Really a great camp! Baseball mom

Feb 2014

Re: Baseball Camp for 7 year old
My boys have done BALL Camp (www.summerballcamp.com) the last 5 years or so and loved it - they do a mix of baseball drills, baseball games, and other outdoor games. They are at Caldecott field near the tunnel, so pretty easy to access from Berkeley. Camp runs from 9-4, with some aftercare available. Baseball Mom

March 2011

Re: Baseball or football camps for 1st grader
For a good baseball camp, especially for your son's age, check out BALL camp. It is run by an Oakland couple with three sons, all of whom play baseball. My high school sons have been CITS/counselors there. Kids seem to love it, it is well run, and reasonably priced. The kids are divided up by age group so younger kids aren't having to compete with much older kids. Check it out = http://www.summerballcamp.com/ Baseball mom

My son did BALL Summer Camp for baseball last summer at age 6 and is already begging to go back for more this summer. It's run by a long-time North Oakland-South Oakland Little League family (playing and coaching) and they have a really great and enthusiastic staff of counselors who not only know baseball but really connect with the kids. They work on skills and drills and also play organized baseball games daily. More info at www.summerballcamp.com Baseball Mom