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    March 2008

    I am thinking of sending my 6 year old to this this camp and would love some feedback. She loves the outdoors, nature, hiking so it seems like a perfect fit. Anyone send a child to this camp in the past few years? What role does the East Bay Regional Park District play in the activities each day? Thanks! alameda parent

    We just moved here last summer, and if I remember correctly Hidden Cove was already over when my kids and I arrived. Anyway, my older child attended Trail's End through ARPD. I dropped him off at Leydecker Park in the AM, and the bus took him to and from Redwood Regional Park each day. Other than actually being at the Redwood Regional Park, I don't think there was any other involvement. All the staff were Alameda camp leaders, and as far as I know all the kids were Alameda kids. He LOVED it, and the Thursday night campfire program was such a hit, they're so proud to show you what they've been doing all week. I'm still waiting for the rest of ARPD's summer schedule to come out, but I'm very likely to send both my kids (9yo boy to Trails End, 6yo girl to Hidden Cove) this summer. If you sign your daughter up and you'd like to arrange a play date prior to camp so that they start out with an acquaintance, let me know. ARPD is great! c