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March 2008

hello; does anyone have information about the Ailey Camp summer program at Cal Performances on the UC Berkeley campus? i heard it's a free summer dance camp, but i don't know anyone who has participated in it. it sounds really great, almost too good to be true! does anyone have any experience with this camp? did your child enjoy it, is it really free, and how do you sign up? thanks! curious about ailey camp

Ailey Camp is a summer outreach program serving at-risk and underserved kids, and it is less about dance ability and professional development as it is about providing opportunities for self-expression and gaining life skills. I did meet a family a few summers ago whose daughter was participating in the camp. The daughter had no prior dance experience and was enjoying the camp very much. I would guess that the Ailey organization targets their recruitment efforts for the camp toward at-risk and underserved families in Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond and nearby communities, which is why it is possible that you hadn't heard much information about it or don't know anyone who has participated in the camp.

If your child falls in this category of kids ''eligible'' for the camp, I suppose you could contact Cal Performances on the Cal campus to find out more information about applying for the camp. Anon

I'm the AileyCamp administrator at Cal Performances, and I wanted to respond to the question about AileyCamp.

AileyCamp is an intensive six-week day camp that Cal Performances provides tuition free to participating campers. The diverse programming offers several styles of dance class taught by Ailey-trained artists and professional local instructors, as well as classes in personal development and creative writing. In addition, students receive free meals and dance clothing, and Oakland students are provided free transportation to and from their neighborhoods. Students also participate in fun and engaging weekly field trips, in-class demonstrations by local artists, and a finale performance that showcases the campers' new talents.

For more information on AileyCamp, go to:

Who is eligible to apply: Students aged 11-14 living in the Berkeley, Oakland and Richmond areas may apply. Contact David McCauley, davidm [at], (510) 642-4630 to receive an application. The deadline for all application forms is Monday, March 31. Interviews will be scheduled for all applicants, however, AileyCamp can only take 80 participants.

Camp Dates: This year's AileyCamp will run from Monday, June 23 q Friday, August 1. The daily schedule Monday through Friday is from 8:30am-3:30pm.

Camp Location: 101 Zellerbach Hall, University of California at Berkeley.

Rica Anderson