Camp Wolfeboro

Outside the Bay Area
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Boy Scouts
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Located near Bear Valley, CA

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March 2001

Re: Summer camp for 13 yr. old boy... I have 3 boys (17,13,11) and they have attended BSA-Camp Wolfeboro - Boy Scout camp located in the High Sierras near Bear Valley, CA for the past several years with Tr.19 sponsored by Northbrae Church. This camp has served Berkeley Boys(& nearby communities) since the 1920's! The Stanislaus river passes right through the camp and the area's natural beauty is truly awesome. The program is traditional with many programs relating to environmemental-nature, crafts, swimming, hiking, climbing, (merit badges), etc. offered. For more information contact the BSA Mt.Diablo-Silverado Service Center -Pleasant Hill CA (925)674-6100
Happy Trails!