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July 2010

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Mountain Meadow Camp near Susanville, CA. Based on its website, it looks like a really wonderful, well-rounded camp. I would love to hear if people think it would be a good camp for a 9-year old girl. We are considering it for next summer. Many thanks. abby

My daughter went to Mountain Meadow last year and my son went to Plantation Farm Camp. The camps seemed kind of similar yet each picked a different one. While my son was adamant that he wanted to go back to Plantation and is there again this year, my daughter said her experience was fine but didn't want to go back to MM this year. She enjoyed her time at MM, I just didn't really feel that she was as connected or felt that camp had as much of an impact on her as Plantation did for my son. camper mom

Dec 2008

Re: Outdoorsy camp for athletic 13-year-old
I have two sons ages 14 and 15. My 14 year old loves Mountain Meadow Ranch in Susanville, CA .He will go back next year. The other loves Catalina Sea Camp where he got Scuba certified . We too have gone through many camps but these two were exceptional. Feel free to contact me. rita