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Located in the Lake Tahoe area, CA

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July 2014

I sent my 3 boys to Mountain Camp by Lake Tahoe in June of 2014. Unfortunately, the youngest got sick with a stomach bug the first day. He received excellent care and we picked him up from camp. The director gave us a reasonable credit towards their camp for next summer.

The other 2 boys had a great time. They loved the food and they tried a lot of new activities (mountain biking, fencing, ropes course were favorites) and it was great to have them away from electronics for a week! first time sleep away parent

Feb 2013

Mountain Camp is a traditional summer sleep away camp off of hwy 50 in the sierras. My boys have had a great time there for the past 3 years. It is in a beautiful location (a short walk to the lake front) and has so many activities that the kids get to choose from. It is a great place for kids to unplug and unwind from their busy school year schedules and they gain so much confidence making new friends, deciding which activities to participate in and trying new things. The counselors are fantastic- many from other countries-they truly invest in their campers and help to make the time at camp a special memory. The kids return home each summer with huge smiles, happy stories, new friends, confidence and excitement to return the next year. Libby

Feb 2012

I want to recommend a sleep away summer camp that my son has attended for the past 3 years. It is called Mountain Camp and is located on Icehouse Reservoir which is up in the mountains near Lake Tahoe off of Highway 50.

I wanted my children to have an independent outdoor summer experience where they could interact with kids of all ages, try new activities, experience the season and have a fresh chance to be themselves. This camp stands out for me for several reasons. First, the location and setting are just as they should be, outdoors, beautiful waterfront lake practically all to themselves, removed from civilization. Second, the staff is fantastic. They come from all over the world as well as from here, and are enthusiastic and capable. Third, the directors really know what they are doing. They live and breathe Mountain Camp and are always thinking of ways to enhance the camp experience. Lastly, the program is great. It is well organized and offers kids the chance to try all sorts of things from fishing to kayaking, mountain biking to gymnastics, outdoor cooking to guitar playing, ropes course and much more. Probably my son's favorite time at camp, though, is the free time and the campfire program.

Camp is a place like no other for kids to grow into themselves in a safe and really fun setting. It is a place for them to unplug from their daily lives as well as their electronics. My son has not had one homesick moment during each of his two week stays. My son has also gone to Mountain Camp without knowing anyone there and within the first day found himself comfortable in his cabin group and the camp at large. My son comes home from camp transformed each time into an independent, confident individual, full of his own experiences and stories. This year my 8 year old daughter will get her chance to follow in her brother's footsteps and she can't wait!

Now is the time of year when we parents are all looking at what our kids can do during the summer so I wanted to throw Mountain Camp in the mix. They also have a CIT program for older teens, a camp experience with an emphasis on leadership, and a time for family camp. You can find them on the web at Anne

Dec 2008

Re: Outdoorsy camp for athletic 13-year-old
My sons have both enjoyed Mountain Camp in the Sierras, They might not have every activity that your son is looking for, but they have archery, all kinds of water activities and sports (they're on a lake) and mountain biking. My kids also like the fact that you get to choose your activities, so if you're not an arts and crafts person, you don't have to do that. It's basically a good, old-fashioned, outdoor-oriented co-ed summer camp. Mom of Boys

Dec 2008

Re: Outdoorsy camp for athletic 13-year-old
You might want to check out the co-ed overnight camp called Mountain Camp in the Sierras. Both my sons have gone there and will go again this year. One goes for 2 weeks; the younger for one. Last year they just started letting kids combine sessions to make 3 and 4 week stays, but few did it during my kids sessions. They don't have river rafting, but have sailing, water skiing, canoeing and other water sports. They have a ton of activities too numerous to list both outdoors and indoors. We have known kids that have attended this camp over the last 15 years from all over the bay area. It is always recommended. Feel free to contact me if you have questions. If you decide to go there please use my name as a reference. Thanks. Linda

Feb 2008

Re: Great sleep away camp for 13-year-old boys?
You may want to look into Mountain Camp in the Sierras SW of Lake Tahoe. Our 13 year old went last year for two weeks and loved it. He is going again this year. He knew nobody there when he went and made friends immediately. Our 9 year old is going for a week this year. The camp has both outdoor and indoor activities the kids can choose. Our son played guitar every day, but they also have acting, crafts and other indoor activities for one or two sessions a day. This complemented the outdoor sessions well. I believe there are 4 sessions a day where one has to be outdoors and one has to be indoors. We have know kids that have gone to this camp over the last 20 years and have never heard anything bad about it. It also wasn't as outrageously priced as some overnight camps. Please give them our name as reference if you get info for them and feel free to contact me if you have questions. Linda B

Feb 2000

Hi, I would just like to recommend a summer camp that my daughter has attended last summer. She had a lot of fun, made some very close friendships and learned a lot of new things. This camp is Mountain Camp and it is located in Pollack Pines (near the Sierra Mountains) and offers lots of water, lodge and outdoors activities. You can check out there web site at -- Anonymous