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California's Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) is one of the country's oldest and best-known programs that assists students to become highly trained technological professionals. MESA, founded in 1970, serves educationally disadvantaged students and, to the extent possible by law, emphasizes participation by students from groups with low eligibility rates for four-year colleges. MESA works with over 21,000 students throughout California from elementary through university levels. MESA is funded through the state legislature, corporate contributions, and grants. MESA is a program that is managed by the University of California.

MESA stands for Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement. It targets ethnic groups, those who are first in their families to go to college, 7th to 12th graders, and primarily those students interested in math and science-based degrees. The program is undergoing funding problems, but will have a Summer Academy this year from the end of June to beginning of August.  --jahlee

Hi---saw your request for MESA information in this mornings newsletter on teens--- here is the website for you. great program---I work at UCOP and have colleagues whose daughters have attended and loved it--- good luck, Irene