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Oct 2005

Just had a fabulous experience with Albany Video Service (524- 4447) on San Pablo (933). They fixed our tv for a reasonable price, did great work and had wonderful service. They were terrific. Elizabeth

DVD Player Repair

Sept 2005

We have a portable DVD player that needs repair. I tried looking for some but was unable to find anything. Does anyone have any recommendations in Concord/Walnut Creek? Thanks, ARA

Our Audiovox portable DVD player needs to be repaired before our next long plane flight. Are there any East Bay places that fix portable players? Thanks! Jennie

for DVD machine repair, try: Technopia, 1946 Mt Diablo Blvd, in Walnut Creek (925) 256-8377 I've taken electronic equipment into this shop for repair and the folks there seem professional and honest. Good luck. Phillip

I would like to recommend Albany Video Service on San Pablo - not too far from Solano Ave. Extremely nice, free estimates, fair repair prices and speedy service. I had a DVD player and a TV repaired both with 6 month warranties. Leslie

Record Player Turntable Repair

October 2004

I'm looking for someone to repair my record player turntable. There MUST be someone in the East Bay. Thanks! Ellen

We got our turntable repaired a few years ago at the Sound Well in Berkeley -- on University Ave., I'm pretty sure. They did a great job. They are not open all the time, I think it's often more ''by appointment,'' so find the number and call first. anne

I recommend you take your older stereo, turntable and speaker repairs to The Sound Well on University. Phone: 510 549-2126 also at They also have used equipment. I purchased a new stylus for my turntable and they installed it in a few minutes as I waited. They're only open on weekends. John

July 2003

Is there any place left that can repair our Technics turntable? My husband says it needs a new belt. It's been years since we've had it repaired, and then we took it to Resistance Repair. They're no longer in the phone book, and I searched the archives but found no postings. Before we get rid of all of our records, does anyone know of a place or person who fixes old audio equipment? There must be a few other audiophiles left in the area besides us! Judy

Sound Well can repair turntables. They are at 1718 University Av in Berkeley. Call them at 549-2126. They are open weekends only I believe. Vinyl is the best!! Mike

The Sound Well on University Ave. still knows about and repairs old stereos, including turntables. They've been going through a sort of reorg there for some time, and don't have extensive store hours, so call first (they're in the phone book). I've bought, and had fixed, a variety items there and been very happy with them. andrew

Replacing a belt is pretty easy. You can do it yourself with at most a screwdriver in about 90 seconds. But if you want to pay someone, you could go to The Soundwell at 1718 University. You should probably pick up a new stylus there, and possibly cartridge, while you're at it. It's probably worth the investment. I don't know if they carry belts, but if not, you can get your Panasonic/Technics belt at There are other places too. is cheaper. David

There is a place in Berkeley called Music Lovers Audio. They can fix a turntable for you. While you are there, check out how far turntables have come. In fact, you can spend over $700 just for a needle alone!!!!

Go to The Sound Well on University Ave. in Berkeley, ( they are great! Resistance Repair, which I also loved, is indeed gone. The Sound Well does repairs, and buys and sells used equipment (which they refurbish before selling). I have bought all my stereo equipment used from them (except for my turntable that I got used 30 years ago from Pacific Stereo!) and have always been satisfied. They have always given me honest and knowledgable advice as to whether something was worth repairing or not. Cecelia

to Judy, who asked about turntable repair: We went to Bob's Appliance in Berkeley a number of years ago. I don't know if they are still around. The fellow diagnosed my problem, told me I could fix it myself, told me how, sold me the part, and that was it!! good luck, I hope they are still around. Let me know. Mary

I just had my technics turntable serviced at The Sound Well in Berkeley. They were very helpful; they test the turntable at the front desk and give you a recommendation. I thought I needed a new belt and a needle but after looking at it, they said I only needed a new needle and the belt was fine. I really appreciated them not selling me an item I didn't need. Last week I was the DJ at my sister's wedding and the turntable sounded fabulous. They have weird hours, website is good luck julie

VCR Repair

May 1999


In response to a request for recommendations of VCR repair shops, Natasha wrote:
> We have been very pleased with the repair service at Dale Sanford's on > Shattuck (next to Chez Panisse). They seem to be very honest and > competent.

I second the recommendation of Sanford's; they do good work, and they run an honest shop. I buy most of my home electronics from them. I did use the VCR repair service once, for an older VCR. They fixed its numerous problems, but at $70/hour, it doesn't take long for the labor cost to equal the sticker price of a new low-end VCR. And the new VCR comes with a warranty and a lot more channels. It's a little grating to treat a $150 device as disposable, but if cost is your primary concern, you should get a binding quote on the repair job and then walk across the store to price the new ones.

Thanks to everyone who recommended Albany Video repair for my busted VCR. They were quick, inexpensive and very pleasant. Two thumbs up.


I don't know the name of the shop, but there's a funky little 1-man TV & VCR repair shop on the northeastern corner of San Pablo & Addison (1 block south of University) that does reliable work at reasonable prices. The fellow who runs it is very nice, honest, & good at his work. I don't remember what rates he charges because whenever I've used him it's always seemed cheaper than I expected and so it's been of no consequence--certainly he's always been cheap enough that the thought of buying another system instead never crossed my mind.

Date: April 18, 1998

I would like to gratuitously comment on the Albany VCR Repair place, on Solano Ave., where Enoteca and La China Poblina used to be. The owner has consistently gone way above and beyond any shopkeeper duties in helping me and my three year old get through TV/VCR emergencies. If you live in Albany he will treat you like a neighbor. He was just the nicest guy I've met in a long time, and he responded in a super-timely fashion.

His repair work was excellent, warrantied for a year, half the price at Dale Sanford. Let's give this guy all our local N. Berkeley/Albany business. He deserves it.