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  • Looking for someone to do maternity shoot

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    Hey everyone - We are having our first child in April, and we're looking to do a maternity shoot. I wanted to see if any parents/to-be parents here have suggestions for photographers around Berkeley/Bay area. Everything we found looks super expensive, and the portfolio pics weren't even that great. Please let me know if you have any good suggestions that are affordable. Thank you! :)

    I recently did a maternity shoot with a Cheri from Roots & Shoots Photography. She is great. Made me feel really comfortable and totally captured the look I was going for. I don’t know if our pictures are part of her portfolio yet-it was done recently, but I would be happy to send you a couple if you’re interested. 



    I can't recommend Lynn Bagley highly enough! Very talented and warm and easy to work with. She is based in Bolinas but to my knowledge works all around the Bay Area.  I also can't speak to her prices but a quick email would solve that.  Definitely check her out!

    I highly recommend EP Li Photography.  She did a shoot of a dear friend's birth and a shoot of our family when our daughter was 5 weeks old.  The photos are stunning and she is a lovely person.  She even runs a daycare when she's not being a photographer.  

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm a first time mom and I'm thinking of doing a DIY photo shoot next weekend. I want to get some nice scenic shots from East Bay - either redwood groves or coastal bluffs/tidepools or labyrinths. I'll be 33/34 weeks pregnant so the location needs to be relatively easy to get to (why does it seem like the best spots involve long hikes with steep inclines or high risk of falling?). I'd also love to include my dog so somewhere dog friendly would be great if possible.

    Any recommendations come to mind? Thanks in advance!

    There are some lovely, dog-friendly spots in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, within short walking distance from the parking lot at Skyline Gate. 

    We did a photo shoot at the Albany bulb with all the artwork and it turned out great.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! We ended up going to Lands End (perfect - the Coastal Trail was flat and full of scenic spots) and Redwood Bowl (picnic area had a lot of good nooks). We checked out Albany Bulb too -- it was a really cool location but it ended up being a bit hard to get from the parking area to the sculptures in my outfit.

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May 2010

We're looking for a photographer to take some pregnancy photos. Ideally this person would be: a fabulous photographer; easily available sometime in the next few weeks; a woman; and based in Berkeley or Oakland. Thanks! Jennifer

Hi, I have seen pregnancy family photos taken for a friend by Susan Carpendale- they were in a garden, home setting and some color, some black and white-they are absolutely beautiful- I kept her contact for myself (we will be taking photos with her as well)- her email is susancarpendale [at], ph: 510 926 2364, 510 649 1877- her rates are very reasonable as well. Vanessa

I highly recommend Jude Mooney for pregnancy photographs. She gave me a deal for a ''split sitting'': one when I was about six months pregnant, and another sitting just before my daughter was born, so I could capture the progression and save some cash. Her website is here: - take a look at her blog for some recent pictures. There's an other-worldly quality to her photos - they are truly art (no mistaking them for JC Penney's!) - and she is so relaxed and wonderful she puts you completely at ease. You won't regret going with her. I love Jude!

Nov 2009

I am looking for a fairly reasonably priced photographer to take prenatal photos. Any recommendations would be appreciated Thx af

We hired our friend Erich Morton, an excellent professional photographer, to take pregnancy photos of me and my husband. Erich was happy to work with the innovative techniques we wanted, but also does lovely traditional photography. His rates are very reasonable, and I recommend him highly! You can read my review (and others) of him on Yelp: or call (510) 387-2104. Lara

I highly recommend Mary McHenry. She specializes in family portraits, weddings, and school photography. She recently came to my kids' school and photographed them. The pictures are amazing. She has a great personality and is really easy to work with. I've seen some pregnant photos on her website. Check it out: Very happy client

Margaretta Mitchell is the most stunning portrait photographer that I have seen! She's been in the field for decades and has photographed many famous people. If you search '''' and click on ''Portrait'' you will see some amazing examples of what she can do. She is also a very interesting person to get to know! Best of luck to you. Leah

Hello, I can suggest Bernee Lee at She is based in Oakland, CA. She has excellent works and very modern. You may check her website and here is her phone # 206. 3871797. Good luck, you wont regret it. I saw some of her work and actually have ask her to do some work for me. I was pleased of the result. Arlene

I highly recommend Laura Turbow for all your maternity photography needs (and any other photography needs you have). I've worked with Laura many times over the years and have been thrilled with the results. With her help, my family and I have been able to capture some of our most precious moments. Laura has a unique style and an amazing eye. In addition, she has an unparalleled ability to make you feel comfortable (and beautiful!) during your photo session. Check her out at Good luck! AF

Laura Turbow (of Photography by Laura Turbow) is an amazing photographer that has documented me and my family over the years. Through three pregnancies and much in between, Laura's amazing eye, enthusiasm and wonderful presence helped create amazing photo's that are cherished. Definitley give her a call -- 510-528-5555. And check out her work at Lilly

Oct 2009

I was wondering if anyone had a good recommendation for a photographer who specializes in pregnant women? I'd like to find someone that does wonderful work and is not overly expensive. Thanks!!

My friend Reenie Raschke is a professional photographer (she does both studio and events) and does great pregnancy photos. I've recommended several friends to her, and they're always happy--both with the quality of the photographs and working with Reenie. She is warm, funny, and a natural at putting people at ease to make the experience fun and get the best, most natural-looking photo. You can see some of her work at her website, Look in her gallery under ''maternal.'' Cindy

I had BEAUTIFUL pregnancy photos taken by Jude Mooney - she's a mom and a talented photographer! Big and beautiful

We hired Laura Turbow because she took fabulous photos of a friend while she was pregnant. My husband and I couldn't have been happier with our photos. She is very personable and has great ideas. Check her out at dawn

I highly recommend Angela Lang for both prenatal and baby pictures. She is absolutely fabulous. Angela is a mother of three with an in-home studio. We bought a package with her to include both pregnancy and baby photos. We cherish all of them. She really puts you at ease and captures the moment. She gets true, natural emotions from her subjects regardless of age. a happy client

I did a photo shoot with Hilary Nichols & LOVED it! She was really easy to work with & put me at ease (not easy, since I get really anxious in front of the camera) & I thought the resulting photos were great. You can see some of her work at:[email protected]/sets/ These are a few of the ones she took of me (I had a friend who did did all my styling & make-up): Her email address is: hil_nix [at] I can't speak to price b/c my friend paid for it...but I'm sure it was reasonable, or my friend wouldn't have paid :) Have Fun! Kendra

Feb 2009

We are looking for a local photographer to have pregancy and eventually new baby photos taken. Any recommendations in the Berkeley, Oakland, SF area? Thank you debbie

We used Jen Mollander for our maternity and newborn photos and they are amazing. She's in Berkeley and a mom herself. She is such a nice person as well - she made me so comfortable for the shoots. If you email me, I'll send you a link to some of the pics. lara

Amy Perl is great! She didn't take photos of me when I was pregnant (wish I'd known about her then) but she has taken photos of our daughter a few times and we've always been thrilled with the results. Check out her website: She's also a very lovely person and is so genuine and calm around children. I recommend her highly. susan

I highly recommend Bill Smoot. He has a studio in Berkeley and I believe is also flexible about location. He's incredibly professional and respectful. While his website showcases his wedding work, he's a great studio photographer as well.

Contact Shoey Sindel for a great pregnant belly shots. She has great examples on her website. She took my pregnancy photos. They turned out amazing. She's a real joy to work with as she has such a positive attitude. Plus she is truly a talented photographer. Here's her website: Call her at 510-917-0659 or email her at photos [at] JoAnne

I would recommend Karle Fried who specializes in maternity and children's photos. She has a real talent for capturing her subjects. To see some of her photos of children, visit her web site: Her number is 510-593-8895. Ronna

2007 - 2008 Reviews

Nov 2008

Hi, I am looking some recommendations on maternity photographers. A good friend is pregnant and I would like to give this to her as a gift. I would prefer someone local. (East Bay, Berkeley) My friend in her early 30's, hip yet somewhat traditional. Any suggestions? Thanks! anon

A wonderful photographer took pictures of me when I was pregnant. Here's her site: She does portraiture as well as weddings, and is also a fine artist represented by Varnish Art Gallery in SF. Kia

Try Kemmeo! Her work is beautiful & she's a wonderful person. She took amazing photos of my family when she was quite a few months pregnant herself. You'll enjoy working with Kemmeo & have great photos. Kristen

I very much recommend Reenie Raschke in Montclair. Her website is She has done lots of maternity photos, as well as portraits, weddings, and family photos. She an amazing person in addition to being a talented photographer. She's a beautiful woman but has the grace to make everyone else feel comfortable and beautiful as well. A fan of Reenie's

Kemmeo Parr in Oakland will be great for maternity shots. She's a thoughtful photographer, and just celebrated her son's first birthday, so she's familiar with pregnancy and the different concerns a pregnant woman may have. Cynthia

Anna Myers is an amazing photographer and does the most beautiful, natural portraits I've ever seen of pregnant women, children, and families. Her website is (or for maternity go to and her studio is in Alameda. I believe she travels, too. She used to photograph weddings and she did ours (we have never looked better than we do in her photos and the albums she made for us). She also has taken photos of our family now that we have children. Our family is multiracial and she has a wonderful ability to make the light work for every skin tone. She captures each person's personality in her photos. She also is young and hip and very professional. If that weren't enough, she has a background in computers and puts together breathtaking, artistic albums. Your friend will be thrilled by the results. Kathryn

A fantastic photographer is Karle Fried. She really captures her subjects well and is quite versatile. You can see her work on two websites: and Her number is 510-593-8895. rishida

I have an awesome photographer to refer you to. Her name is Christina Shook and is located in Orinda. Her website is You can see such joy in her pictures! She is able to capture the emotions of people in a natural way. I'm confident she'll be able to photograph your friend in a way that she will treasure the pictures for years to come. Christina is passionate about her work and is just a genuinely sincere, nice person. I highly recommend her. Marika

My good friend, Lisa Levine, is a professional photographer who took amazing photos of me when I was pregnant. She has much experience photographing pregnant women in her own creative work. Lisa also teaches photography at Cal State East Bay, Ohlone College and other places in the Bay Area. She is a skilled photographer and a delightful person to work with. Talk to her to see if she would be a good fit for your friend. Her email address is: lisalevinephoto [at] Good luck! Anne

I would suggest Angela Lang at or Madeleine Tilin at Check out their websites to see if it's what you're looking for. Wonderful photographers, wonderful women and great to work with. Truly a lovely gift! What a fortunate friend. Dana

When i was pregnant with our daughter i knew i wanted to commemorate the pregnancy with some tasteful belly photographs and Heather Carpenter was absolutely perfect! I really connected with her right away and after we talked a bit felt she knew exactly what i wanted to achieve with the pictures. She has a real knack for finding the perfect knack and getting just the right composition. Most importantly, she made me feel really beautiful (and i delivered three days later so i was BIG :) Check out her website- i think you will love what you see! Tana

Heather Carpenter is a talented family-life photographer with a great eye and warm, casual style. She captures the essence of her subjects with beautiful, life-like, ''action'' photography. We've used Heather's photos for maternity photos and new child birth announcements and had an outpouring of interest in her work. I recommend Heather for formal and informal occasions and trust that she will make you and your family feel comfortable enough to be real, and captivating. Heather is based in Berkeley and is very reasonable with costs. She's also just a pleasure to work with. I can't recommend her highly enough. You can view her work on her web site: Jenny

Six years ago, my friend showed me a nude pregnancy photo of her, and it was beautiful!!! A few months later I had my pregnancy photo done, and it was also beautiful!! The photographer's name is Laura Turbow, and she works out of a studio in her house in the Richmond Hills. She's so easy to work with. Neither my friend nor I had any intention of getting nude, but Laura was so easy to work with....there we were! All of the photos were tasteful and artistic. We always get positive comments from the ones that we hung in our home. I think her website is Oh, and you don't have to be nude! dawn

Hi, I used Ajira Darch. Her e-mail is ajirad [at] and her web site is I found her to be completely flexible, asked questions to ensure she was doing what I wanted. I would describe her style as photojournalistic/ candid photography... can definitely do traditional too. Very talented. Her pictures were amazing, great use of light and nature. I now use her for my son. She captures him in ways I can't. Very reasonable, located in El Cerrito. Annie

I would like to highly recommend Ruth Woodruff as an East Bay Maternity and Children's Photographer. We first met Ruth through a BPN recommendation in summer 2004, when I was pregnant with my first son and have hired her five times since then to capture the baby twice, the toddler, a subsequent pregnancy, and most recently the brothers. She's easy and fun to work with, and captures us in our home environment, letting us be ourselves, occasionally suggesting ways to use her training and knowledge to enhance the scene. She's also smart, funny, interactive with kids (my son loves her), well-connected to labs in the East Bay, and has a keen eye for photography. She's well-versed in digital photography, and creates an amazing portfolio of images for us to choose from. I can't say enough about her. Check out her site or contact me if you have any questions or want to see our wall of pics taken by Ruth! sara

I absolutely recommend Amy Perl for maternity & children's photography. Her work is AMAZING! We just had our family photos taken at her daylit studio on Piedmont Ave in Oakland and it was so fun - even for our 18 month old! She makes everyone feel comfortable to hang out and be themselves. Plus she has a great sense of style/composition/aesthetics. You should definitely check our her website: Mila in Oakland

I highly recommend Anna Myers in Alameda for maternity, newborn, family and children photograhy. I recently did a maternity session with my 4-year old and the photos are AMAZING. She did shots of the two of us as well as individual shots of each of us too. Very artistic, natural and beautiful. She is very down to earth and professional and works really well with young kids. She spends quality time with you ahead of time to talk about what you want, where you are going to hang the photos, color schemes, everything. She isn't cheap, but her photos are well worth it. Check out her website at: Phone number: 510-748-8959 Good Luck! Melissa

May 2008

I'm looking for a quality photographer to take some photos of my pregnant self and perhaps with my fiance as well. We're looking to go to the photgrapher's studio and take maybe 10 shots - don't need 50 or 100 poses and hours spent. Found some recommendations on older BPN posts, but most seem to offer very expensive packages for 2+ hour long sessions at studio or alternate location. Definitely not looking to spend the $375-500 that these sessions seem to run. Anybody have any recommendations for smaller scale professional photgraphy - maternity in particular? Thank you! margo

I had GREAT pregnancy photos taken by Jude Mooney. Her website has some beautiful family pictures... and she's a mom!

Laura Turbow is your person!! My friend had her pregnancy photos done by Laura, and they were great!! A few months later (when I was 8months pregnant), my husband and I visited Laura and had some amazing photos taken! She had some unusual ideas, which ended up being our favorites. She is fun to work with, too. She painstakingly posed us and took less than 20 pictures (all were great), which I think is what you were asking about. You can see her work at dawn

2002 & Earlier

June 2004

Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for a skilled, inexpensive (can be in training) photographer to take a few shots (semi- nude, black and white and possibly color) during my last month of pregnancy. Any thoughts? Thanks! Sara

I highly recommend Debbie Baxter in N. Oakland (dbaxphoto AT, 510-593-9914). She is an experienced photographer, but is fairly new to the full-time pregnancy/baby thing so her prices are very reasonable (much less expensive than anything else I found). Plus she will come to your house! She did an amazing job with my giant pregnant body (semi-nude too), and I cherish the photos. We also had her come back to photograph our baby at 3 months and she did another superb job. Much, much higher quality and far more artistic than the Picture People photos that cost almost as much! Plus she is so nice and so much fun to work with! Have fun and happy birthing to you! Lisa

I am a commercial and fine art photographer. I am working on a set of photographs of women, pregnant and not. You can see one example of a maternity photo on my web site: If you are interested, you may contact me via danapics AT or 510-658-7617. Dana Davis

my sister will be coming back to the US this week and will be available for (and has an interest in) video and/or photography of pregnancy and the birthing process. she has 4 years experience as an art director for a major international ad agency which means that she oversaw commercial photo (stills and live motion) shoots. and she has won several awards for her work. because she will be ''starting out'' anew when she returns, her prices will be extremely reduced. she has quite a creative range from quirky/fun to serious/subdued. contact her to set up a consultation and to see her work. claire_chen AT suzie

My friend Kim Indresano gave my husband and I the gift of pre-baby pregnancy pictures. They are wonderful - she does lots of travel photography as well as weddings, and she made us pose in the half painted baby's room to show the numerous works-in-progress going on. I'd be happy to show them to you if you are interested. Her website is: catherine

Angela Lang is great!, info [at] or call (510) 326-9018. she has done both family sessions and a pregnancy session with me and my kids. i was extremely pleased with both experiences. anon

I highly recommend photographer, Limor Inbar of Indelible Images Photography. I have worked with Limor and her partner Rachel twice in the past year. I didn't meet her until after my baby was born, so we didn't take pregnancy pictures with her but we have been taking pictures of the baby, including some pictures of her nursing. Limor was very sensitive to what I wanted out of the photo shoot. Her website has some galleries with pregnancy pictures of other women. The web address is Send me an email if you are interested in viewing my pictures. Limor has a website where she posts all the pictures with a password. sonia

I would like to recommend a very skilled, sweet-natured, & professional photographer for expectant mommies and their families. Razi Khamsi Wilson photographed me when I was pregnant with my second child and I can attest to her excellent eye, professionalism and attention to the needs/wants of myself & family. See her website for pix & contact info: Also, feel free to contact me with questions about the experience. Warmly, Ruha Benjamin Ruha

April 2002

We know of a pregnancy and family photographer named Heather Hart who is based in Southern California and is now coming up every other month to the bay area for pregnancy photography shoots (she's an ex-Berkeleyite).

She meets her clients at The Palace of Fine Arts and takes a roll or two there and then goes across the road to the bay with her clients where are there are sweeping views of the bridge and takes a roll there.

Check out her website, Her photography is really special.

Also, this great photographer wraps each of her clients in two great pieces of material (one black and one taupe with rhinestones) - it's really neat and takes on a different look for everyone. She also encourages lots of wardrobe changes and brings plenty of stuff to play with.

She's really into pregnant women and has been shooting them for more than eight years - here's her toll free number: 877-764-1988. Tell her you found her through this list and she'll give you a 10% discount. Maxhipcat

November 2001

I looked on the website but did not see any recommendations for people who do and/or specialize in photographing pregnant women. Does anyone out there have any recommendations? I'm a bit body shy so I'd want a woman, and one who was sensitive to my feelings. Plus someone who works well with kids as I'd like to include my 3 year old in the pictures. Thanks for any recommendations Hilary

I'm excited to recommend the photographer I used, Deanna Wentzel (925/284-7683). She was absolutely fabulous with me and my husband (he was in a couple of the shots.) She came to our house and made me feel very comfortable. I had both partially clothed and nude photos done. She has a wonderful portfolio that gave us several photo ideas. Her portfolio also includes photos of a pregnant mom and child. Deanna also specializes in family and child photos. We had Deanna come out and take photos of our son after he was born and they're wonderful as well. Her sitting fees are very reasonable and you have the opportunity to purchase the proofs and the negatives to make your own duplicates (this also allows you to control the nudies!) I hope you use her Patty

Jamie Wesdal in Orinda does pregnancy shots as well as kids, families, pets, etc. She specializes in black & white, but also does color. Although I haven't used her for pregnancy photography, I was very satisfied with the photos she took of my brother and I with our pets. Maria

I would recommend Limor Inbar-Hansen (limor as a photographer. She took a series of photos of me while I was pregnant and then after our son was born. The first set were while I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant. We did it in a beautiful setting. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable. The whole session was a lot of fun. The photos were gorgeous and are now framed on my bedroom wall to remind me of that special time. She also did a series of photos as our son grew over that first year. (We did sittings at 5 days, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and a year) These are amazing. It is wonderful to have all these pictures to document how much he changed over that first year. Anyway, I highly recommend Limor she is a talented artist, a professional, and a really nice person to share your day with Cynthia, Michie & Max

For a photographer for pregnancy shoots, try Laura Turbow laura [at] She photographed me and my huge belly, and did a great job. Elisabeth

For the woman looking for a pregnancy photographer: You could try Ilona Sturm in Berkeley. She takes wonderful photographs of pregnant women, and also has a young child herself and would probably be open to including your children in the photos. Her number is: 528.9090 Adele

You must see the work of Eurydice Thomas. She's a wonderful portrait artist. Her photographs are gorgeous and she is lovely. I think she has some work up around town - check at Pickles and Ice Cream. Her number is 601-9345. -jill

Angela Lang ( ) takes wonderful photos of families and children, some of the best I've seen. They are very un-posed, spontaneous, revealing. She even has a pregnancy photo in her portfolio online (children category.) (Give the portfolios some time to load, as they preload the images before displaying.) Vincent