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Photographer for B&W adult portrait

Jan 2016

Although I feel this has been asked recently, the most recent archived reviews are 2011. One of my goals this year is to get in better shape and have classy, b&w portraits done. Perhaps even nude/partially nude (thinking along the lines of the recent Serena Williams Pirelli photo). I'm a woman, but would be comfortable with either gender taking the photos. Thanks for any recommendations! Almost Fit Mama

Margaretta Mitchell is tops in portrait photographer. I hope she can fit you in her schedule. She has taken portraits for my family for years and is amazing at her artistry and expertise! We have been thrilled! She can be reached at Leah M

Shoey Sindel is my photographer. She makes me feel comfortable being myself. She captures those moments of me in an authentic way. I enjoy my time with her. And I love my photo!! I get comments on my photo all the time from friends and people who even don't know me that well. Go check her out. She is on Solano. Her number +1 (510) 917-0659. Lan

I love your portrait idea and love the Pirelli angle. I had my professional photo taken by Shoey Sindel of Shoey Sindel photography. We went up to the Berkeley Botanical Gardens and tried out all these really creative locations and poses. Not only does she have a great eye, she is so much fun to work with, great personality and what a gift she had for making me feel really comfortable having my picture taken. I actually think she would be the perfect photographer for your project.  Marie B

Need a candid but professional portrait of me

May 2015

Have you had a positive experience with a portrait photographer who you'd highly recommend? I'm looking for a portrait artist who can take a candid, but professional (not corporate) portrait of me. Thanks! Camera Shy

I recently needed a professional portrait done and had fabulous results using Portraits to the People. Sarah is located in San Francisco, but she does photos both in her studio and in many outdoor locations, and would have come to Berkeley had I asked her to. I strongly recommend her - I finally have a portrait that is flattering and professional, and still looks like what I see in the mirror. Her web site is Very satisfied customer

Shoey Sindel is a great photographer with her studio right on Solano Avenue in Berkeley. She did my head-and-shoulders shot for business use ... and she's very personable and easy to work with. This page from her website has a portfolio of business portraits she has created: Phone (510) 917-0659 or email her at shoey [at] David

Cindi Stephan at Two Irises is the perfect photographer for you. She has taken some of the best portraits of me that I've ever had taken. I'm not one for posing in front of the camera, but Cindi is relaxed and makes you feel comfortable. She is able to capture the moment and take a photo that is natural and also incredibly flattering. Check out her portfolio at and give her a call 707-527-2486. Kelly

Fernando Aguilar recently photographed our office (10 women, individual headshots and group) and we were very pleased with the results. Comfortable, quick, and professional. check him out. Cathy B

I highly recommend my photographer Shoey Sindel. I hated sitting in front the camera. Yet Shoey made me feel at ease. She didn't take that long to capture some good shots. They are not just nice pictures. You can also see me, the real person, through these portraits. In fact it was fun working with her. Shoey's ph# (510) 917-0659. email: shoey [at] Lan

Professional photo for social media portrait

Aug 2014

I need a very good photograph to use on a variety of social media that will advertise my professional business. It will also be used for publications where a photograph is required or requested. While it does need to show me as a professional, I would prefer a more 'casual' and friendly pose and so need someone who is comfortable with this sort of thing. I may also require some modest manipulation of the photograph so need someone who regularly uses photoshop or something like it. anon

Look no further: Stuart Locklear is your person. Stu and Jackie, his makeup artist, are a pleasure to work with and the results were amazing. Stu works mostly with natural light and he will guide you how to pose to get the perfect shot. I'm not sure if he uses photoshop, but I am positive that he 'enhances' the final picture. You can also read the reviews in Yelp. His email is stuphoto [at] and his website is Cristina M

I love Opal from Opal Moments Photography - my husband and I met with her a few months ago to get some professional photographs for social media websites (linked in, etc). We did a fun photo shoot with her with couple photos as well as individual photos in a more professional style. Her rate was extremely reasonable, and she's a lot of fun to work with. We discovered her when we hired her to do our engagement and wedding photos and were looking for a good excuse to work with her again to get some new photos. She gave us a cd of digital photos, and can do some pretty cool photo shop techniques which she just did for the fun of it, so I expect she can help you with what you need. You can also follow her on Facebook to keep an eye out for a special. love our photographer! KM

Need headshots for my website

Jan 2011

I'm looking for a wonderful, affordable photographer to take headshot photos for my website, I'd love to do the shoot outside; the closer to Berkeley, the better. Any recommendations you have would be much appreciated! Eva

I'd like to recommend Shoey Sindel to you. She's a skilled photographer and very personable and good at putting her subject at ease. She's located in Berkeley and goes onsite or offsite for photoshoots. Her website is Take a look and see all those beautiful photos. Rosie

I saw your post on Berkeley Parents Network. I recommend Eliot Khuner in Berkeley (510) 524-3569. He has a knack for taking good headshot photos. He knows how to work with outside light, and his relaxed manner helps you to relax and look your best. Look at his website to see samples of his work. Just yesterday, a guest at my wedding, where Eliot was the photographer, asked for a copy of the photo of her husband and her. She said it was the best photo they ever had! stu

Robert Shahi of Tiger's Eye Photography does excellent headshots. He did several different types for me and I was extremely pleased with his keen eye. His specialty is natural settings. He can be reached at 510-290-4523. View his website at, it's amazing! Rita

Ben Krantz is an excellent headshot photographer, and totally reasonable prices. He does a lot of theatrical headshots and shot my wedding beautifully. Easy to work with, easy to negotiate with. I'd recommend him to anyone. jessica

Hello, I recently had a headshot taken for my upcoming book's author photo. The photographer I used was Helen Bae, and she was awesome! She met me at a park in El Cerrito and took a bunch of outdoors shots, no muss no fuss, which was exactly what I wanted. I wasn't looking forward to it because I hate having my picture taken but she's so friendly and funny that it ended up being surprisingly enjoyable. And the pictures came out great! Plus, she was quite affordable. You can see my headshot at, and she has a gallery up at Good luck to you- Jennifer

Photographer who works with make-up artists for headshots

August 2009

Hi, It's been almost 9 years since I had my headshots taken and my agent is urging me to take some new ones. Does anyone have recommendations for professional photographers who specialize in taking head shots for agencies (and who work w/ make-up artists) and can you tell me approximately what they charge? Thanks so much for your help. Jessica

I recommend Jennifer Graham. She was affordable, very warm, fun, and encouraging during the shoot, and took excellent photos. She's b/w Campus and Rockridge. See

I have a great headshot everyone loves. My friend, hairdresser & makeup artist Kathleena Gorga, actually took the photo herself, but says, ''Abigail Huller is the best photographer I work with; she is incredible. Contact info: 707.778.8777, The cost depends on how many 'looks' the client wants, starting from around $450. Makeup & hair is $200 more.'' Kathleena Gorga, Conscious Beauty, 510.710.0309. Terry

Need a professional-looking headshot

June 2009

I need to have a head and shoulders photograph taken of me to include in a press pack. I need to look professional, but I want to have some style, too. I've been mostly a SAH mom for some time, so it's been awhile since I've done anything like this. I'm looking for a photographer or studio who can advise on clothing, make-up, etc., as well as take a good photograph. I have looked in the archives, but most of the recommendations there are for more artistic or casual purposes. Can anyone recommend a photographer or studio who works with businesses? anon.

I'd recommend Fernando Aguila ( He is a very talented photographer and does all types of photography - artistic, event, family, and corporate. We hired him as our wedding photographer and have since taken some really nice studio portraits with him. He has a great studio in Berkeley. Contact him at photo [at] or 510-502-1566. Laurel

Misti Layne did business shots for us (software company) and she also did a business meeting, along with my husband's more casual shots...she is reasonably well-priced (I think the pros just cost more, but the output is better). She is at The photos are professional, but not 'stuffy'. She doesn't really do makeup, but she is very easy to talk to and brings out the best in everyone. Lehua

I recently had my head shots done by Ann Gordon of Gordon Photography. She is a certified photographer and has won awards for her portraits. And, she made me look thinner, bless her heart! She actually specializes in family and pet photography but I was thrilled by my new head shots. Several friends have now had their's done and she is just as magical with them. She can be reached at (510) 222-4115. Julie

Karle Fried took my head shots as well as some other photographs for my business collateral, she was fantastic. She learned about my business and listened to what I wanted and made it happen. You can reach her at karle [at] or 510-593-8895 Elena

Christina Shook is a fabulous photographer. I needed a head shot for my business and am very happy with her work. My picture is very natural looking and it was taken in her garden. This works very well for my type of work. Christina makes the process very comfortable and she is great at capturing your personality within the photo. You'll see what I mean if you check out her website at She can be reached at 415.713.9717. She works out of Orinda. happy with my headshot

Photographer for glamour boudoir shots

Jan 2008

Can anyone recommend a photographer for glamour/''tasteful'' boudoir shots? Preferably one who's in the East Bay, who also works with or can recommend a stylist. The recommendations in the archives are several years old. I'd love to hear if anyone has had a good experience doing this. I'm uncomfortable in front of a camera even under the best of circumstances! Oh, and I'm middle-aged, not glamourous and don't usually even wear makeup - but my husband would love a gift like this and I'd like to make an effort. Will need a glass of wine for this

Give Pia Navales-Cook a call (510-387-7927) to get your boudoir photographs taken. I am working on a design project with Pia and she showed me a recent boudoir series she did, and the photos are *gorgeous*! She must have made the subject quite comfortable during the session to get these lovely, natural images. Also, we just had a family portrait photo session with Pia and I thoroughly enjoyed the session and love the results. Jocelyn

Professional portrait needed

August 2006

I would like to have a few pictures of me done by a professional photographer specializing in portraits and close-ups. Would you please post some new recommendations? Thanks Simona

Hi, I have been very pleased with Amy Perl's services. I heard about her from Crackerjack's baby store (also fabulous!) on Piedmont Avenue and had her do a home session for my 6 month old son. She is wonderfully creative and her personality is a hoot. I really enjoyed working with her, rates are quite reasonable Megan

We used Eliot Khuner as our photographer. He has a way of relaxing everyone, works well with children, and the quality is excellent. (510) 524-3569 Stu S

I would like to recommend Dennis Galloway for folks looking for a truly talented portrait photographer. His services seem underpriced for the quality of his work. Dennis is a very dependable, ethical, honorable, kind and gentle soul. Contact him via email: dennis[at] or by phone: (925) 969-1140. Nancy

Pat Boyd is an EXCELLENT photographer. She is detail oriented and is truly passionate about her work. Pat is easy to work with and her rates are reasonable. I've recommended her to a bunch of my friends and poeple I know and all the feedback has been nothing but positive and wonderful. We are actually going back for another photo shoot with her in November! This is her contact information: pat[at] If you need more info, you can also shoot me an email and I'd be happy to talk to you more about her. P.S. She also does Pet portraits! tetandjeremy

I'd like to recommend Adina Meastas, I was so impressed with her work! She first photographed myself pregnant then photographed my newborn and older daughter together, in one word ''WOW''! She is an extremely gifted photographer, our only dilemma was narrowing down our images to our favorites because we truly loved all of them! She made us all feel very comfortable and just made the whole experience special. Her info:, photography by Adina Meastas

Photo for internet dating sites

Jan 2004

I am interested in posting a profile with a picture on one of the Internet dating sites. I have not had good luck having friends take a picture of me with which I am satisfied. So I am thinking of having something professionally done. Does anyone have any recommendations of someone who could do this? The picture would be really for the purpose of placing it on the Internet site, so I don't want multiple film portraits, and I am interested in keeping the cost down. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

There is a photo studio on the ground floor of Sun Valley mall next to the steak sandwich place that will do 3 or 5 poses for you to chose from for $12.95. I can't remember the name of it but it was not Picture People. Patty

If you have a regular film camera, get your prints developed at Long's and get either the pictures on disk, or on the web (although I HATE Fujifilms user interface) for the same price as double prints. You don't need super high resolution for this purpose (screens are only 75 dots per inch!), nor a posed, formal head shot. A picture showing you doing something you love, having fun, will draw better than something that looks like it belongs in a third-rate actor's portfolio. Been There, Done That

Nude photo of me for my husband's birthday

Sept 2003

My husband revealed to me that there was nothing he'd like better for his birthday than a nude photo of me (nothing showy or tasteless, but arty, in black and white, with no ''parts'' showing, just something provocative). Well, I don't even know where to begin to look for someone to do this! This will be a difficult thing for me to do, as I am fairly modest, and I would only be comfortable doing this for a female photographer. Please don't suggest having a friend do it; as much as I would like to, I don't know anyone with good photo skills. Any ideas??? anon

Jen Molander specializes in artistic, tasteful images of women nude. Her 'bare truth' porfolio of natural and compelling images can be seen at . Angela

There's an AWESOME photographer in San Anselmo named Jeanette, who did similar pix for me many years ago. She's not as good with ''public pictures'' (like weddings) in my opinion, but her ''private pictures'' were tasteful, sexy, and artistic - not just in my case, but throughout her portfolio. If nobody else happens to know her, I can try to find her last name for you. Email if so. Kathleen

Limor Inbar Hansen took some beautiful photos for my website (not nudes!) She is very easy and comfortable to work with. Her own website shows many portraits. bscadeng

I'd like to recommend a fellow photographer to you. As a male photographer I completely understand your interest in a female photographer for this purpose. While I photograph children and families I usually refer women who want maternity shots to female photographers for the same reason. Laura Turbow does excellent work and I'm confident she could help you feel comfortable. You can view her work here: Look under portraits for sample pictures. She is based in El Cerrito but will do work at your home. If it turns out she is too busy, let me know and I can refer others - she's just the top choice in my book. Jonathan Payne

When I was pregnant I had a photoshoot with Jen Molander. She takes black and white, artsy photos. On her website (, look under Bare Truth for an example of her nude photography. SHe was very easy to work with and made me feel totally comfortable. Anita

a wonderful photographer friend has a website you can visit to see her work. some stuff is ''experimental'' yet beautiful. one particular photo came to mind after reading your request of a black n white shot of pregnant woman that is quite lovely. she does 35mm, digital, color and b go to: photosbyalyssa[at]

Contact my friend and EXCELLENT photographer, Anna Myers. Her website is She is very friendly and professional plus she does amazing work. You won't be sorry. On her website there is a contact page with her phone number and email address. Tell her Jessica sent you. Jessica

I would look no further than patricia kingsley ( Very good, very tasteful, very good. She does B/W well and is a female. pvgdad

Hi. I highly recommend Jen Molander. She does various kinds of photography and one of them is a series called ''Bare Truth.'' They are sensitive, tasteful, stunning nude portraits of women in natural settings. Her website, where you can see samples of this work, is She also took all of the photos for my web site which is http://www. Good luck! Best, Sondra

We had very classy nude and semi-nude b/w and color photos taken by Debra Seal when I was 8 months pregnant. We were VERY happy with the session, the photographer, and the photos. Her style for the nudes and semi-nudes is artsy, dreamy, classic. Her knowledge of lighting, timing, and exposure are exceptional. And she is very easy to work with, coming in with her own expertise but willing to work with your ideas too. I thought her prices were good - and we looked around a lot. She even did some great photos that included both myself and my husband. Now she specializes in babies, children, family, and maternity photos but she may be willing to do a similar style to her maternity photos even if your not expecting. I don't think she would do more of a boudoir type session but it's worth asking if that's what you're thinking-if not she may have a recommendation. The best thing about her sessions (especially for the shy) are that they take place in your home but look like you went to a studio. You can see some of her work at and there is a mostly clothed example of our photo shoot in the maternity section. It's the b/w one of the man and very pregnant woman with the very long hair. Good luck. S.W.