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May 2009

We are looking for a good, reasonably priced photographer to take pictures at our daughter's Bat Mitzvah. I would appreciate your referrals. bat mitzvah mom

May I recommend Jim Robinson. He and his family have been taking the photos for bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, and quincineras for over 20 years. I have worked with him on projects and he makes it fun! He is doing my son's bar mitzvah on the 30th. Jim's number is 408-449-7720, but he is based in El Cerrito. Email is jimmywrobinson [at] kl
We have used Lea Delson for our past and upcoming Bat Mitzvahs. She is professional, very experienced in B'nai Mitzvot, and knows the layout of all the local synagogues and venues. She is also an actively practicing Jew, so she knows the guidelines of etiquette and what you would want in your albums. We are very satisfied with her work and it is very affordable. Check out her website: Madeline
Jan 2008

Hello - We are looking for a Bat Mitzvah photographer for April 2008. I am interested in someone who is familiar with these events and can take both formal and candid shots throughout. I am interested in someone who is flexible around whether we decide to go with buying proofs and creating our own album or can guide us through the final production process for finished photos. Also, interested in general ideas of what this might cost! Thanks - Bat Mitzvah Parent

We used Rise Cohen-I can't find her phone number, but her email is risejcohen [at] She did a wonderful,artistic job. This was a few years ago, so I don't remember what the fee was, but it was reasonable. Highly recommended! LK Laura Turbow is an absolutely amazing photgrapher. You must talk to her and see her wonderful work. Debbie
Eliot Khuner photographed my son's Bar Mitzvah several years ago. He is Jewish and he knows how to set up shots with the Torah. He also took a great shot of my son with the sanctuary behind him. Eliot has a way of posing people and relaxing them to get natural smiles. He charges differently for ceremony, ceremony and reception, evening reception, so ask him. 510.524.3569 Stuart
Sept 2007

Seeking a reasonably priced photographer who will charge by the hour and provide cd's rather than prints for a bat mitzvah. recommendations greatly appreciated. margaret

I think you should try Eliot Khuner at He photographed my son's Bar Mitzvah years ago, and he was superb. For the quality of work he does, I think his prices are reasonable. That doesn't mean he is cheap. What really touched me was that his photographs of my extended family are the best we have ever had. Rather than saying ''Smile'' or count ''1 2 3'' click, Eliot has a personable way of relaxing you so your smile comes out naturally. Another benefit is I don't think he requires you to buy prints; he can put the photos on CD rather than in a photo album. Stu S

Videographer for Bat Mitzvah

Feb 2003

Can anyone recommend someone with reliably competent skills who does not charge a king's ransom for a few hours of straightforward, nothing-fancy camera work... preferably someone who knows what a Bat Mitzvah is??? Many thanks! Sharon

I highly recommend August Productions, run by my good friend Paul Ginocchio. He is a documentarian who also shoots weddings and other events. He has professional equipment and can edit the shoot, if you like. I believe his prices are reasonable. Check him out at Tell him Jodi recommended you from the parent's network. Jodi
Feb 2002

Hello, My son is having a Bar Mitzvah in mid April and I am looking for a reasonably priced photographer. I have no idea what IS reasonable and welcome any suggestions. Thanks, Jamie

Re: Bar Mitzvah photographer: Alan Bond, 302-2130. He works at CEB as a photographer, and he might do it. (CEB = Continuing Education of the Bar (continuing education courses for lawyers) - it is a University of CA Berk extension office. Beth