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Updated info on infant passport photos?

Sept 2009

There are some old posts from 2004 about infant passport photos but I'm wondering if anyone has any updated business names that did a good job with infant photos. Our baby is just 5 weeks old and we need to rush a passport in the next month for a trip to Europe at the end of September. It'd probably be best to go to someone who has experience with newborn passport photos...given the new stricter guidelines. Thanks! Katrina

Try You take your own pictures (for such a young baby, lay her on a white sheet), upload to the site and it will resize. Tricky part for me was figuring out that the head and chin had to be within (i.e., touching) the green boxes. You can pay more to have a human verify the size. You can take it to any photo shop to print it out. Epassport worked for us!
I had my infant passport photos taken at Costco (Richmond) for only a couple of dollars. They knew exactly what they were doing and the photos came out great. I just had to have a stroller that allowed the infant to sit in an upright position - they put a white towel behind him (perhaps you should take a white towel incase they don't have any in stock). Happy Travelling Mom!
We got our infant passports done at the UPS Store on Alcatraz (almost at the corner of College/Alcatraz) - fast and professional. Go when your baby is fed and rested,and it will be easy. Melanie
In 2006 we went to Costco for our infant anon
Got my infant's passport photos at Costco in El Cerrito/Richmond! They were really good, knowledgeable, helpful and inexpensive... oh, and fast! My baby was about 8 weeks at the time. travelin' mam
This isn't exactly a business recommendation, but I wanted to say that for both our infant sons, we took the pictures ourselves with no problem. We laid a white towel down on the ground or bed and used our digital camera, then just took the pictures to a Kodak kiosk or Ritz to print. We took many pictures to get the right shot, but think it ended up being easier because we could attempt as many times as needed, and our kids were more relaxed laying down instead of squirming in our arms. So even with the new guidelines, it worked out fine for us. Tanya
My baby was 7 weeks and needed passport photos. I went to CSAA at hilltop, paid $10 for 1 photo (2 copies provided). Basic criteria: face needs to be about the size of an adult thumbprint. the background needs to be white. My baby could sit still for a few seconds while they snapped the shot. I was next to the photo chair watching to see/catch the baby if about to tip over. The back up plan was to have the baby in the carseat with the white fleece background. They told me that sometimes an adult wearing a white sheet to meet the photo background criteria will hold the baby. some babies can't sit on their own or are needy for their parents' hold. bring a big white towel or a sheet to your sitting. You may be able to do it yourself if you have someone to snap the shot. look at the state department website for criteria on the photo requirements. for my project I needed more than 2 photos so I scanned and made duplicates at Walgreens. Also for my project, I needed 2 gov't issued IDs. One was the birth certificate. for the other, I made an appt at DMV and got the baby a CA ID. It was $24. most people don't get one for their kid, but it has been handy for setting up bank accounts, getting into my workplace to visit with the baby. It just makes it more official so folks are not scrutinizing a birth cert. DMV took the picture while I held the baby up in the air and getting the thumbprint on the pad was the toughest part. Lisa
We did the photos at the Post Office where we also got the passports. We'd heard many stories from friends who had photos done elsewhere where the cost was lower but when they got to the PO, they had various reasons why those photos were not acceptable. Yes, sound like just their way of making the money, but if you're short on time, you don't have time to fight it.
The post office in downtown Berkeley has a dedicated passport service, and they'll take the pictures of your baby right there. It's across the YMCA, on Allston Way. Our first was a month old when we did, and it helps if you have something white, like a blanket, to use as background for the picture. Good luck on your trip! Anna
Not sure anywhere really does this. I did my own by lying my 4 week old son on a white sheet. It took about 20 shots, but as long as it's a face on shot it's fine. I don't think they're so worried about baby photo's, give it a week and they look different anyhow! Photomama

Do I really need a passport for a 6-year-old?

Feb 2009

Hi, We will be traveling to Europe (Denmark primarily) this summer when my son is 6 years old. I've just gone to the US Passport website and it looks like a crazy annoying process (both parents must be present!) to get a passport, lots of paperwork and hassle. It also looks like it's possible to just have a birth certificate for him (i.e. no passport needed for children under 16 years), although it also looks like there are some new regulations coming up in June 2009 that might affect things.

Any advice out there from international travelers with children? We do plan to travel internationally a fair amount in the next 10 years, so I'm just wondering if we should bite the bullet and go through the passport process (but then do we have to change the photo at regular intervals, since he'll look quite different as a 15 year old I'm sure) or go with the easy method. I really don't want any hassles at airports, so whatever will minimize that possibility would be best for us. Ready to blow this popsicle stand

Getting a passport is no big deal. You are making way more of it than it is. Just go to the passport office at the downtown berkeley post office. Pick up the form and instructions. When you come back (yes with both parents) you give them the filled out form, birth certificate and photos. No big deal. I met my husband there and it took us 15 minutes. We had the passport in a week or so. Not sure why you are so freaked out by this
We have travelled overseas several times, with one US and one Australian child. Our daughter got her first passport at two weeks! On the US passport website it says ''All children regardless of age, including newborns and infants, must have their own passport''. Birth certificates are not valid - they won't let you travel if you don't have a passport when you go to the airport. The passport process is actually not bad at all. You fill out one form (a couple of pages), get photographs taken, pay a fee and visit the passport office (there's one at UC Berkeley RSF center, and one at the downtown Berkeley US post office) - the interview took about five minutes. It's true that they require both parents to be present, OR, if only one parent presents, the other one can provide a notarized letter of consent. Also note that passport for minors (under 16) are only valid for 5 years - the one bonus is that they cost less than a regular 10 year one! All that info is listed at the website Happy Travels! Penny Boys
To travel to Denmark your child will definitely need to have a passport -- a birth certificate is not enough. You can apply for a passport at many post offices and it's not an onerous process. If both parents cannot be present to apply together with the child, one parent can fill out form DS 3053 and have it notarized. The website states the process clearly. This website also has a link to find a post office near you which processes passports. A child's passport is good for five years and the photograph is kept the same for that period of time. Make sure you leave lots of time for processing -- while my daughter's passport was processed in just a few weeks last year, it can take longer. traveler
YES GET A PASSPORT!!! Trust me the time spent getting a passport will be much less than the time spent on the drama of not having one. In fact, both parents don't have to be present, you can have your spouse write a letter permitting you to apply and obtain the passport for your child and have it notarized, the passport agency will accept that. Have fun and be safe! sevgi
dont' believe everything you hear -- it's my understanding that everyone needs a passport to travel now. YOu'd be better off just biting the bullet and doing it. What if you get somewhere that insists your kid have a passport? You can't expect other places to be reasonable because the state department's site may have suggested your kid doesn't need one. I took my 10 month old to Australia years ago and got her a passport. It really wasn't THAT bad. The worst of it was waiting in line at the County offices to get it so you should plan to get there first thing in the morning. You'll need to renew it every five years until the child is over 16. You'll have more hassles NOT having a passport, in my opinion. Just get it out of the way. Kerie
We travel abroad a lot. The process is not so complicated. We do not go to the passport office. We follow the instructions that allow both parents to go into their local city offices and see someone. I go to Albany city, though we do not live there, there is never a line and it never takes more than 5 minutes. Also you do not need an appointment and everyone seems to know exactly what to do. Just make sure you have your I.Ds and pictures, money etc. Childrens passports are only valid for 5 years (at least the 4 times I have had to get them, that was the case). You can pay extra for rush or standard rate for 6 week delivery. I have always opted for 6 weeks and had passports in a month. You get a tracking number and web site so you can track whats going on. Anon
Your 6-year-old absolutely MUST have a passport to go to Denmark. Absolutely, positively. You will be denied boarding at the airport if you don't have one. I work in the travel industry and travel extensively with my children, so I promise, I know what I am talking about. Yes, getting the passport is a hassle, but the reason for the regulations is a valid one - it's to prevent one parent from getting a passport and taking the child out of the country without the knowledge or permission of the other parent. Please try to keep this in mind as you deal with the hassle - think of the children it's designed to protect. emma
Bite the bullet and get the passport. International travel is hard enough without playing games at the airport. We were able to do this for our two kids on a Saturday. There was a special session at the Oakland post office near the airport. We had all of the paperwork done, money ready and pictures ready...then got there about 30 mins before the doors opened...and it wasn't all that bad. I think we were 2nd or 3rd in line. Once you get the passport, then you can just renew in future years by sending it back in with the fee and a new picture. I can't remember how long they last for little kids...either 3 or 5 years. Nikki
Get the passport. It actually is easy. Fill out the application on-line, print it out, don't sign it until you get to the post-office. Bring your checkbook for the fees, your spouse, and a photo ID. Get a copy of your child's birth certificate and two passport photos. The website also lets you search for your local post office that takes passport applications. Some post offices require an appointment others are just walk in during certain hours. At the post office it only takes a few minutes to sign and complete the process. Children's passports expire every 5 years, but renewing is much easier. You just fill out the renewal form on-line, print it out, sign. Get 2 new passport photos, write out the check and send it off in the mail. Both of my kids have their passports. crystal
Get the passport! It's easy. Here's what I did: print out application form online. Photo taken at AG Photo (near corner of Claremont and College, across from Shell Station). Then go to the passport office. This can be the hard part - the website indicated that a couple of post offices near my home accepted applications on weekends, but that info turned out to be incorrect as the surly postal workers gleefully informed me after my husband and I waited in long lines. We ended up going to the passport office at UC Berkeley, which is near the gym. Longer drive from our house but otherwise painless. Staffed by a non-surly student. No line. A few weeks later, passport arrived in the mail. I think we paid extra for 'rush' service and got it very quickly, although the student thought it would not be necessary and it probably would not have been. Fran
You mis-read the website. It clearly states: Minors under age 16 must apply in person All children regardless of age, including newborns and infants, must have their own passport There is no ''easy'' way. It's the post 9-11 world, post international kidnappings, post messy divorces, etc. Ellen
I just applied for a passport for my 6 year old and it was very easy. Your child needs a passport to go to Europe and it must be renewed every 5 years. Here's what I did: The ALBANY CITY CLERK is located at 405 KAINS AVENUE and is open from 8:30-6:30 on Mondays. There are other passport offices in other cities, but this one was open latest...but only on Mondays (call for additional hours 528-5710). You will need to bring the following with you: the child checkbook both parent's driver's licenses (and both parents) 2 passport photos child's birth certificate (certified copy) child's old passport (if they have one) form DS-11: Happy Travels Signed: jk
We got a passport for our (then) five month old this past summer since we were considering going to Canada for vacation. It was not a big deal. We got the forms on line, then went to the RSF (Recreational Sports Facility) on the U.C. Berkeley Campus for pictures and to turn the forms in. Yes, both parents had to be there, but they are open for a few hours on Saturday (or at least they were to check the hours), so it wasn't a problem. It's certainly worth an hour or two of work to have a passport if you are going to do all the traveling you mentioned. mom of passport-bearing baby
I'm pretty sure you must have a passport for your child. We got ours at the Piedmont Post Office on a Saturday morning -- be the first there to avoid a long line. Going on Saturday makes the both-parents-must-be-present rule a little easier. Children's passports are only good for 5 years, because of the photo going out of date. You cannot change the photo on an existing passport. We had lots of immigration people give us a good laugh when they saw our kids at ages 3 or 4 or 5 for example, while comparing to a photo of a fat-faced baby! - international traveler with kids
Get the passport by all means! We got one for our daughter at age 5 when she began traveling to Japan several times each year. I believe it was good for 10 years despite the picture on it. We just got her a new one at age 15 and she got a new picture. You need one now for Mexico and Canada as well and while a birth certificate may be acceptable in some instances you are asking for trouble. I also found both parents do not have to be present if you have a notarized statement from the parent that does not appear with the child. The Berkeley main post office across from the YMCA has a passport office and they are pros at dealing with kid's passports all the time so we go there. Just do it and be done with it for 10 years. It is also a super nice keepsake as it documents your child's life of travel from age 6 on! anon
The process is not complicated at all - fill out the form according to instructions, have an original birth certificate available and go together with your spouse to a postal office or government center where to file it. Postal offices can take the picture as well. There are reasons for asking both parents to be present - making sure one parent does not secretly get the passport and take the child abroad without the other parent's consent. It will have an expiration date of 5 years or so, so do not worry about the picture getting outdated. It is only reasonable to think that since you will be doing a lot international traveling a passport would be needed for your son. If your child will be traveling with one parent only make sure you have a consent letter from the other parent. Google ''consent letter for traveling abroad'' and you will get a lot of examples. z
The passport process is really easy. There's just one paper, which they have there and you fill it out in the office. You have to take your kid to get 2 passport photos (go to a photo store), bring 2 copies of the birth certificate, and yes, both parents have to be present, which is a hassle, but it's pretty painless. We did it last year, and went to the Berkeley post office and were in and out in 30 minutes, including standing in the P.O. line to get the money order to pay for the passport. Granted, we went in the middle of the day, which is easy, although I'm sure weekends are pretty crowded. When our 4 year old was born and we lived in SF, we went to City Hall, and again, very easy and quick. At this age, the passport lasts for 5 years. I think it's really good to have a passport handy at all times for everyone - you just never know when you might need it, and it's a good, easy form of id that we bring for domestic travel for the kids as well. Good luck! Ready to travel!
Oh geez, it's really not that complicated! And yes, you need one to go anywhere outside of the US now. We just did it 2 weeks ago for our 10 year old son. Go here:

Fill out the application online and then print 2 copies of it (just in case one gets messed up somehow), DON'T SIGN IT (you do that in person when you go to submit it).

Take your checkbook, your husband/partner, both of you bring your drivers licenses with you, your son's birth certificate, and go to a post office that processes these things. We went to the one on 41st st in Oakland just off Piedmont Ave - it's open for passport applications on Saturday mornings. Took a half hour max. They have a camera there to take photos of your child so you don't have to worry about it.

Children's passports are good for 5 years because they grow and change so you have to renew in 5 years. Seriously - it's easier than doing taxes!

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Renewing child's passport without one parent

March 2007

I want to apply for a passport renewal for my child, but I have been unable to locate the father for some time. The father is on the birth certificate and there is no legal custody arrangement, so technically I need either for him to sign the form or I can fill in the form explaining that I can't reach him. My question is: has anyone had success (or failure) in filling out the explanation box? I'm just not sure what I'm supposed to write. Not planning to travel, but just keeping all the ducks in a row

If you can't reach the father, have you thought about filing for sole custody? I am not sure about the legal ramifications, but think it might be wise. Good luck
I just got my son's passport last week, so I am fresh to this answer! My son's father lives in Germany and we have no idea where. I just filled out his name on the form and then on a seperate piece of paper, I typed a short but sweet letter stating that his father (whose name is on the birth certificate, but my son has my last name) was not in our lives nor does he support us in any way and that I have been the provider for my child 100% since his birth.

I then went and had it notarized, just in case. I processed my application at the Berkeley post office, they were really nice and helpful. Note, pics at the post office are $15, and they can be easily done at home against a light (white) background. I spent $30 for a job I could have easily done for free at home. Just a little money saving tip from one single mom to another! Traveling Single Mom

Passport photo for 4 month old

June 2004

I will be traveling in july with my 4 month old, and need to get passport photos and citizenship photos taken. Does any one have any experience or recommendations for a good place to get these taken? margie

I just got passport photos at Costco, about $5. Check the state government website to download the application and instructions. You will need your child's birth certificate and if only one parent is going with the kid you will need a letter from the other parent authorizing you to apply for the passport on behalf of your child. I just applied for my passport renewal and a first time passport for my kid at the Albany City Hall. No appointment needed. They do charge $30 per person to process the application. As we are traveling in July, I paid $60 per person to expedite the application process. It cost $275 total for the passport , expedite and City processing fees for 2 passports. Next time I'll apply much earlier to save the extra fee! Have a good trip! barbara
There was a discussion a while ago and some people mentioned taking a digital photo and printing it was the cheapest option, but this was not a good choice for me.

There is a small place in Berkeley Square that charges about $10 for 2 pictures. They are good and fast, and if the picture doesn't come right they are willing to re-take it.

Now, advice where NOT to go. I went to Abby Photo, on Claremont near College. I asked for passport photos for my infant child, but din't ask the price since I assumed it was going to be about $10 (what I had just paid a few weeks earlier for my older child). When the lady was going to take the pictures, I said I would like two sets. She then said that it would be better to do them digitally, since she would only have to take one shot of not-yet-able-to-sit-by-himself infant and could print multiple copies in one page. I said OK and she changed cameras and took the picture. When I went to pay, she charged me $50!! When I told her since she suggested the change she should have also informed me of the difference in price, her rationale was that I had not asked for a price in the first place.(!) By the way, the price IS $9.50 for 2 passport polaroid pictures... Unhappy customer

Go to EASY GOING, the travel store at Rose and Shattuck in Berkeley. We had both of our children's pictures taken there as infants. Our daughter was less than 2 months old when we needed a passport photo taken. They were extremely patient while we tried to get her to open her eyes. We had the same positive experience with our son's infant passport photos just a month ago. They told us that if the photos were not accepted by the passport agency that we could come back and they'd take them again for no cost. Fortunately, both times the photos were accepted. Shoshana
We did this with one infant in LA and it was really hard to get an acceptable shot. With the second baby I laid her down on a white sheet and took a close up photo of her by standing over her. This worked fine. Just make sure that you get it pretty close up so that there isn't a lot of extra white showing. Amy

PS-You can get all of the necessary forms to get the passport on the web. Note that now if only one parent goes to get the passport the other parent must fill out a form giving permission. Also, bring a check with you.

Sarber's Cameras at 1958 Mountain Blvd. in Montclair (tel. 339- 8545) recently took some great digital photos for my infant daughter's passport. We lined her car seat with a white sheet (which they had on hand), sat her down, then started shooting. The photographer/clerk willingly took several shots so I could choose the one I liked best, then printed and cut them down to the right size -- all in about 20 minutes. The digital photos are far superior to the Polaroid film used by other places, especially when you have a squirmy baby. Sarber's has a 2nd store on Solano Ave.; I imagine they'd do the same there. Have a great trip! -- Ann S.
My husband was born in Germany (on a military base) and had to have a passport photo taken at 2 weeks old (in case they needed to evacuate on short notice - it was the Cold War period). Apparently the photo was very funny because his father had to hold his head up but remain off camera, so the picture was of a tiny baby's head with a man's hand wrapped around the back of it. I don't know if that's helpful, but I always thought it sounded funny. Andrea

Cheap passport photos?

Jan 2004

Anyone know where we can get passport photos done cheaply? We live in Berkeley. Pauline

If you have a digital camera, you can do your own passport photos through Ofoto. We've made our own, and it was very easy and cheap. Carol
We had our photos taken at Costco for $5-6, I think. Even cheaper- find someone with a digital camera to take your picture, and you can crop and size it and have it printed at a photo store or do-it-yourself kiosk. Jim
Costco has cheap passport pix available at the one-hour photo counter. There's also a place in downtown Berkeley. anon
I've always used EastBay Photo and found them both inexpensive and experienced. It's a little place on Shattuck, in the island where Shattuck divides in two, in between Addison and University (or is it Center and Addison?). Anyway, small place, but nice people. They also keep negatives on file so you can go back and year or two later and get more copies if you need them for visas or whatever. Dianna
If you are willing to make the trek to San Leandro, Costco offers the cheapest passport photos we've seen (I'm afraid I can't remember the exact dollar amount though). Got my passport
Walgreens. Patty
The two best options for cheap passort photos are 1. Take them yourself with a digital camera. You only need a neutral background, so stand against a plain wall, size them appropriately on your computer, and you can take as many as you like. Worked like a charm when it was time for my husband to renew his passport.

2. Go to the photo shop on Solano, just above Colusa Ave (Ritz camera?). They will take the photo digitally for a resonable cost. We did this for my daughter when she was 1 year old. Easy going on Rose @ Cedar took her photo 4 times and it was still fuzzy. Sarbers on Solano tried to take her photo and out of a ton of smiles they caught her when she looked like she had just sneezed - again the focus was not good. At the photo shop on Solano just above Colusa the took 6 or 8 photos of her - we got to pick the best photo and they charged us for the ''sitting'' that comes with two photos (since they only actually printed two copies and could just erase the others). I think it was $15 or $18 - Well worth getting a good photo Lois

If you or a friend has a membership, passport photos are $4.99 at Costco. They take a digital photo, so the photographer was nice enough to let me look at it before it was printed and ask if it was ok.

They weren't able to take pictures of my 1 year old son who isn't able to stand up and not squiggle, so we took our own. You can find the exact measurements on the web. I believe it is 2''x2'' with the face between 1 and 1 3/8''. The background has to be white or off-white. If you can get the proportions rights, you can just trim any recent photo. In our case, I happened to have the Kinko's passport photo template from my last photo, so I scanned it in and adjusted the size of a digital photo that someone had taken. Anita

Passport photos that are inexpensive AND well done can be taken at Easy Going travel store at Rose Street and Shattuck in Berkeley. The ones I had done there recently were much better than those I got elsewhere. Easy Going also has many travel- related items like luggage, packs, travel clothing and books. This really great store also has travel slide shows and book presentations from time to time. Christine V
Try Costco-it's only about $5 for two color photos, done while you wait. anon

Passport for infant son

March 2003

Hello: I will be traveling with my infant son to Spain in June and need to get him a passport. I was wondering how/where one takes a photo of an infant for the passport application. Can anyone recommend a photo store that can do it, or suggest the best way to do it myself? Thanks very much. Elizabeth

I tried half a dozen times to get my 6 week old son's passport photo taken at various locations. Either he was crying or sleeping or would not relinquish his pacifier every time. None of the situations would yield a photo acceptable by the passport authorities. The way most passport photo places work with infants is to have the baby in your arms as the photo is taken.

What finally worked for me was to take the photo myself of the baby lying on a bed with a white blanket underneath him. I found a time when he was in a happy, playful mood and got a great shot. I had the smallest possible prints made and then cropped the photos to the correct size for passport photos. These were accepted by the passport office.

Nowadays you could probably even print them yourself on a color printer. -- Travelling mom

I just had to get a passport for my baby and had a difficult time finding a passport photo place that would agree to do a baby. (apparently a lot of them set it up so you have to stand in front of a white background that they roll down from the ceiling... they told me that the passport people are really picky about baby pictures and they wouldn't accept one where I was holding him...he needed to be ''floating'' on a white background).

Finally I went to Easy Going, the travel store at the end of Shattuck where it meets Rose, just past Longs. They were great, really nice. I got a great picture of my son. They even took a second one for free because he moved in the first one. They will drape a sheet over you and have the baby on your lap. They were also a few dollars cheaper than the other places. I highly recommend them.

Also, when I went to go get the passport I thought I had all the necessary paperwork (birth certificate, SS#) but it turned out that they needed a ''statement of consent'' from my husband. He could either write a letter ''I _____ give my consent to the issuance of a United States passport to my minor child named on this statement.'' Then sign and date. Put chlld's name, date of birth and relationship to child on there. Alternatively (and a safer bet), they have a form the other parent can fill out, but that takes an extra trip to pick it up from the office that is only open till 3:30pm M-F in downtown Berkeley. Probably the easiest is for both parents to go together if that's possible.

Hope that helps. have fun in Spain

Anywhere where they take passport photos should be fine. We had the our baby's passport picture taken in the post office where they processed her passport application (you have to go in person for a child's first passport). She was 6 months at the time, so she could sit up (I kneeled next to her and held her so she wouldn't fall). anon
used Ritz (Wolf) Camera on Solano. They were very patient and accomodating.
We just put our infant son on a white bedspread (since you need a white background) and took his picture many times on a digital camera. Then my husband cropped in on the computer and we cut it to the specified size. It was actually pretty easy. --Looking at his baby passport
We did this with both our kids when they were infants. We just went to Walgreens and had them taken there. The secret is to have two grown-ups with the baby, one to hold the child in the position and the other to stand next to the photo clerk with the camera to make silly faces, jump up and down, and otherwise get the infant to look in the right direction with a smile. As I recall, it took a couple tries with their special passport polaroid, but the clerk had such fun that we only got charged for one. Rhabyt
I did this recently with my 12-month old and found it was harder than I thought! I finally walked in to a photo development place on Shattuck, I can't remember the name but it is close to Center Street on the same side as Walgreens. There is another photo place further up on Shattuck, on the ''island'' between Center and Addison. Anyway, the issue is that you need to find a place with a fancy enough camera that will be able to get a close-up picture of the baby. I had gone to AAA and to another photo place and they used a polaroid camera, but their camera couldn't take a picture that would result in the baby's face being large enough to meet the requirements for passport photos (I believe it has to be 1'' long or something like that?) So check the measurement requirements and then check the picture when they hand it to you. anon
You can get infant passport photos done at the camera department in most Walgreens. Just call first to confirm that they offer the service at your local Walgreens. Patty
The Easygoing Travel Bookstore (across from Long's on the corner of Shattuck and Rose) does passport photos and they've been extremely patient and good-humored with my twins. 843-3533 Ann
When I needed a passport photo for my 1 month old I had an awful time with several places (it didn't help that my 1 month old was sleeping most of the time). Sarber's in Montclair did a great job with my daughter then and again a month ago when we had to do the renewal. They were right on the money with the size of the head on the photo which is REALLY critical for passport pictures. Make sure that you attach an original certified copy of your child's birth certificate (they'll return it with the passport). A copy won't do. And you also need an affadavit from the parent who is not directly applying for the passport that they consent to the passport. The rules are much stricter now for getting a passport for a minor now then they were 5 years ago when I went through it the first time!! Hope that helps.
There is a passport office at the Berkeley Main Post Office. We had passport photos taken on-site w/ an instant camera (my husband held our babies in front of his chest for the photos - he was wearing a solid grey t-shirt and the pics turned out fine) filled out the apps and paid for the service all at once - it was very easy. Just so you know, you have to bring a notorised copy of the baby's birth certificate which they keep and then mail back to you along w/ baby's passport. I don't remember their hours but I'm sure you can get them if you call the P.O. Anna
I had my baby's passport photo taken at three months in San Francisco around the immigration office while I was getting my visa. There are a lot of photo places there with a lot of experience. What they did with my daughter was photograph her in her baby carrier on the floor. I would recommend that you call the passport photo place ahead of time to make sure that they know how to photograph infants. Anon
I took my then 3-month-old daughter to the Ritz Camera store on Solano in Berkeley (I think it is called Presto Prints) and was pleased with the process and results. Requirements for passport photos are very stringent, so you might have trouble doing it yourself. Liz O.
When our son was 6 months old I got him a passport for a trip to England. I took the photo at Kinko's by holding him up in the air for the head shot so he was the only one in the photo. It was hilarious and a very cute photo! Maya
I got my son's passport photograph taken just last week at the portrait studio closest to JC Penny at the Hilltop Mall. I liked the way the guy handled my 3 mth old baby and am happy with the way the photographs turned out. FYI almost any studio will do it for you, but keep in mind that the requirements ask for it to be taken against a white or an off white background. Shil
In the past, we were able to take passport pictures of our 2- month-old by holding her in an elevated position with one hand (from underneath) and the other hand went behind her body and supported her head from behind. This way I was completely invisible and the picture came out just fine.

Last time we renewed our passports though (a couple of months ago), we decided to take our own pictures. We did it with a digital camera, at home where we could choose a good moment for the girls to cooperate, in front of a white wall, and then we were able to adjust the images to the size we needed and print them out. We did it for both kids and for ourselves. The clerk in the passport office said: Good photos! Where did you take them? We said - in Chinatown. Maria