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Bicycle Tune Up Repair Vs. New Bike

Nov 2011

I have a Bianchi road bike with Campagnolo parts that I bought in 1997. I think it weighs about 22 lbs. I haven't ridden it for at least 5 years and it's been sitting outside for the last 3 years (gathering rust no doubt). A friend recently inspired me to start riding again. Should I take the high quality but possibly old and rickety road bike to be repaired or just give up and start fresh? I'm tight on funds and I'm not much of a DIY-er. Any advice on where to take it if I go that route? Thanks! Hoping to ride soon!

I would definitely take it in for a tune-up, or at least a professional evaluation. I just did that last year. My bike is about the same age as yours, if not older, but it has never been stored outside. I highly recommend Solano Cyclery, about halfway down Solano Ave. I was quoted $60 for a tune-up and they ended up only charging me $30. My bike is now good as new! See you on the bike trails! heidilee

Bike shop that can check out a kid's bike

Oct 2011

Does anyone know of a reasonably priced bike repair shop in the Bay Area (preferably East Bay) where I can get my daughter's bike checked out in case there is something wrong with it which makes it hard for her to learn.

I've been happy with work at Hank and Frank's in Rockridge. If you want to go cheaper, the Missing Link in Berkeley has a workbench and tool cabinet that you can use yourself for free, but you have to have some idea of what you're doing. Kevin

Book about bike maintenance and repair

August 2008

I want to get my bike commuter husband a good book on bike maintenance and repair. He doesn't know how to do much by himself but would like to be more self sufficient. any recommendations? thanks

The classic bike manual is Effective Cycling, but it's more of an intro to the mechanics and joy of cycling. Good repair manuals are Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance and he has one for mtn bikes as well. Velo Press publishes nothing but bike books (including those Zinn books), check their website. Our local bookstores probably don't carry much, but they'll order anything you want. And some bike shops sell books too. Lise

2004 and Earlier

My mountain bike needs a tune-up

August 2001

I am looking for a place to take my 7 year old (and very lonely) mountain bike in for a tune-up. I may want to add on a child seat, so any additional information is welcome. I have seen the previous postings about the Bent Spoke, Missing Link and Karim's but was hoping to get a few more suggestions. Courtney

Bike shop recommendation. I love Velo Sport on MLK in Berkeley. The people there are great and very helpful Amanda Rittenhouse Jonathan
I highly recommend the bicycle repair shop at REI. We had my husband's mountain bike in for a tune up and repair work earlier in the summer and he was pleased with the results. I think the tune up is $50 or $60 with a price for members and non-members. We paid, $135 for tune up, truing the wheels, replacing a bent spoke, and replacing one of the gear shifters. It takes one week for the bikes to get into the system or something, so if you ride your bike everyday, timing it for when you go on vacation is a good idea. Sonya
REI has a bike shop Toby
We go to The Pedaler on San Pablo Dam Road (near Appian) in El Sobrante for purchase and service on our mountain bikes. They are even shipping my son's bike off to college after tuning it this time. Service 222-3530. Bonnie
You can also try Solano Cyclery on Solano Ave. and The Pedaler in El Sobrante. The latter was a bit less expensive but they are further away if you are in Berkeley. The work that they did on my son's mountain bike was a quick turn around and has been fine. J Kawahata