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2008 - 2012 Reviews

Looking to tint back windows

Sept 2010

I'm tired of messing with 'static' car window cling sun shades (lumpy, droopy, and hard to see through). And my brother who is an EMT swears suction cup window shades are dangerous, limiting the driver's view and turning into a projectile during an accident. I'm thinking about getting the rear windows of my car tinted to keep my tot son happier and perhaps cut down on UVA/UVB. Does anybody have good or bad experiences to share about window tinting? Can anybody recommend an affordable place that does quality, lasting work? Thanks! Valerie

Professional Film Installations-Window in West Oakland is the best. I tinted my car back in 2008 and it is still looking great and keeping my kids cool in the back. Jim's work is impeccable and his price is very reasonable. Do keep in mind the shop is in West Oakland. So if you don't want to hang out there for a few hours, go with someone with a car. 2578 West St Oakland, CA 94612 (510) 839-2430
cool mama

Car window tinting?

May 2009

We want to have our Accord windows tinted and the recommendations on the website are pretty old. Can someone recommend a place they have used recently? Does anyone have recent experience with Tint on Wheels? Thanks! RS

I posted this question fairly recently and a BPN member recommended Jim at Professional Film Installation. He did a fantastic job and was quick and reasonable. His number is 839-2430 and it's more or less downtown Oakland. I had considered mobile tinting too because it's so hard to schedule because of kids but am very glad I went with PFI! anon
yep - we used Tint on Wheels a couple of years ago. Love the result! We have not had any problems with bubbling or other installation issues. I think the service has a lifetime warranty anyway... Can't beat the ease in having them come to your house! They did a great job! Driving Shaded

Car window tinting

March 2009

I'm looking for more recent recommendations for places that do car window tinting. I'm flexible about where it is but would love one near BART or other public transit if I need to leave my car there for the day. Has anyone used one of those mobile services that come to you?Thanks! patrice

I used Andy at Tint on Wheels. He comes to your house and does a wonderful job! He also gave us advice as to how dark we should do each window. We had the car windows tinted around 4 years ago and they still look great (no bubbling or flaws). I would absolutely recommend him. Amy
i have used Jim at Professional Film Installation for two vehicles. He is great (510) 839-2430 2578 West St, Oakland, CA. oren

2004 - 2007 Reviews

Want to tint side windows

June 2006

I want to shield my two children (ages 1 and 4) from sun in the back seat. I have a Subaru wagon so only the sun from the side is a factor (because the sun coming in from the rear window only reaches the wagon area). I have been told by the CHP not to install suction window shades because they can be a hazard in case of an accident. So I am considering getting the two rear side windows tinted by a reputable place. Any recommendations of where in the Berkeley/Oakland or nearby areas to get such service done? I prefer not to go to one in a high crime area. Any ideas on how much such service costs? Thank you
Sun safe mom

We had our windows tinted as soon as our baby was out of her infant car seat, since the Britax Roundabout has no canopy. We went to Custom Glass Tinting (the name says it all!), which is walking distance from our house in Richmond. They have been there forever, which I think speaks to the quality of their work. I believe the warranty is for 5 years. For the rear windows (back, 2 passengers, and 2 little triangles), it cost us $179 on our Volvo sedan. So it should cost even less if you don't want your rear window tinted. They have 4 different levels of tint, and I believe we chose the second darkest, which works fine. I think the third darkest would have been good, too, but then you can't really see the kids through the window when you're looking in from the outside. Tracy
Based on your signature (Sun safe mom) I think you may be adding the tinting for UV safety reasons. Car windows are designed to block UV radiation and consistently block 96-98% of it when the windows are closed. Just a thought if that was your only reason. You may want to do it anyway for the comfort of the kids
I recommend window tinting by Tint on Wheels because he comes to your house. More details at
June 2004

The posts that I've reviewed are a couple of years old. I wanted to know if anyone can recommend a good auto window tinter. Also, what is their proces (if known); do they take off the door paneling and the back? Thank you in advance for your recommendations Michelle

Hi there! I don't know what process they use, but we use Custom Auto in Oakland on Hegenberger. My husband is an auto guy (a Ford parts manager and mechanic on the side and general lover of all things that are auto related!) so he really researches and knows his stuff. We've used Custom Auto to tint windows in several of our 'old school' cars and they have always done a fantastic job. Freinds and family members have also gone there and have been pleased as well. Because I leave all car related issues up to my husband, I can't tell you about the process they use, but it's done correctly or my husband wouldn't continue to go there! Good Luck Jessica
I just got my husband's car ('98 Honda Accord Coupe)tinted for Father's Day. I went to Professional Film Installation 2578 West St. Oakland 510-839-2430.

I actually had to research to find him because I went to him about 6 yrs ago for window tinting for my '92 Honda Civic. I really like the quality of the work and recommend him to anyone.

He actually puts on different strips of the tint so you can get an idea of how dark you want to go. And the tints have warranty with them.

I paid $235 for all windows...front and back. I was very pleased. It took like 4 hrs. Mamie

2003 & Earlier

August 2002

Hi, does anyone know of a place that does good quality window tinting on a car.? We have a 2002 Passat wagon and want to have the windows tinted. Thanks. Marion

I had the windows on my car done by Precision Tint and it was the best job I have ever seen. He also has tinted the windows on 5 cars for other members of my family. Precision Tint 1420 Concord Avenue, Concord, CA 94520 (925) 671-3888 Steve, Oakland
You've got to try 'Tint on Wheels'. This guy will come out to your house and tint your windows. He works at Honda of Serramonte tinting windows and he does this on the side. It takes maybe a little over an hour. I had mine done and have had no problems with the job. The guy is really nice and proffesional. He is listed. I actually got the advice from this advice line. yancy
Based on another poster's recommendation for ''Tint on Wheels,'' I am happy to report that Andy does excelllent work. He was fast, reasonably priced, completely professional and did a fabulous job on the windows. His number is 510-481-7722. Ariel
October 2001

Has anyone had the rear windows of their 4-door car tinted? If so, can you tell me if you think it was worth it, and do you recommend someone in particular to do it? Thanks Deborah

For the person looking for car tinting, I recommend Tint on Wheels at 510-215-5800. We had it done a few years ago (it was $170 for our wagon). They come to your house and do it right there - they just need an outlet. They guarantee against bubbling up and offer different color tints (as dark as limousines have). Oh, and i called a few references prior. Good luck! anonymous
we have the back two windows and rear window tinted on our car, and have had them on previous cars--we love it. not only is the back seat cooler for us and our daughter, but we don't have to deal with hanging shadesthat fall off... and my husband thinks they look cool. we recommend that you get them done at a place that gives a long guarantee--ours, from Maaz in Oakland (a little expensive, but quick & efficient), have a lifetime warranty. Jessica