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Mechanic for a Saturn

May 2008

I am looking for a mechanic who is familiar with Saturn automobiles. The dealer I was using was charging double of the other dealers and stating items needed repaired which did not need repair. I want an honest mechanic who is knowledgeable and in the Berkeley to Vallejo area. Saturn owner

we've been having our '96 saturn serviced at oceanworks II for a few years (after having various saturn dealers try to convince us to do several unnecessary and pricey repairs...). they are honest and reliable, and charge reasonable rates. sl1 owner

Installing a Carseat in a Saturn

We just got a Britax Convertible. It fits well in our Saturn. Gabrielle

I have a '95 Saturn SL1 and have successfully used a Century convertible carseat in it. Take it to a Saturn dealer (there's one in Oakland) and they will install a tether strap for free. This will make the carseat fit more securely. Katie

We have a 92 Saturn SL1. We use the Britax Round-a-bout which is tethered (first tethered to a bolt in the floor for rear facing, now tethered to a bolt in the back shelf under the back windshield for front facing. Bolts can be put in by a Saturn dealer or a mechanic) The seat fits in the center back seat. We're very happy with the seat. Susan

We have a Saturn sedan (SL1) and a Suburu Legacy wagon. In the Saturn we had our mechanic install a bolt in the floor of back of the car for when the Britax seat was rear facing. The Saturn dealer put a bolt in the back shelf (under the back windshield for when the seat is front facing as it is now. We just purchased the Suburu which is a 92. A mechanic ordered the bolt from the dealer and installed it for less than $20.00. The bolt is in the back somewhere but does not interfer with the opening and closing of the hatch. The owner's manual of the car includes information on location of installation. We have traveled with the Britax car seat and just did not anchor it. It's not as safe as anchoring, obviously, but seemed just as safe as some anchorless seats. Hope this helps.