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Good mechanic for Jeep Grand Cherokee

May 2004

Does anyone have a good, trustworthy, and most important, HONEST mechanic who works on Jeep Grand Cherokees? My 1996 Jeep with 140k+ miles needs shocks and struts and probably more, and I've been going to a dealer who I am pretty sure sees a single woman and then sees ''sucker'' tatooed on her forehead! ;) Ideally, this mechanic would be in Berkeley or Oakland, but I work in SF, so that could work too, depending on location. Thanks! Jo


  • Holland Service W. Berkeley
    • Kraft Automotive Piedmont

      Mechanic for '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee

      Feb 2002

      We need a good recommendation for a mechanic to do some work on our '95 Jeep Grand Cherokee. We took it to the local service station for the 90,000 mile tune-up and the estimate is $1500, including new brakes, axle boots, transmission line and other stuff we had no idea wasn't working well. This seems steep enough to warrant another estimate. Has anyone had a great experience with their Jeep mechanic lately? Thanks! CWilson


      • Oceanworks
        • O'Connell

          Installing a Carseat in a Jeep Cherokee Sport

          July 2001

          We are about to buy the car seats, and were told that the Britax Advantage is a very good one, but they were unsure of the fit in our car-- a Jeep Cherokee Sport. I assume that all car seats are functional in these SUV types, but I wanted to know if anyone had any complaints or kudos to dole out. Also, someone recommended a separate infant seat and to switch to the Britax when the baby was older (the car seat, whose make and model I can't recall right now, was one that has a base and a removable seat/carrier that fit, apparently, in any stroller). Is this a marketing gimmick, or should I consider it? Again the fit in the Jeep is also of consideration. Thanks very much!! Shahana

          We have '97 Jeep Cherokee Sport and used for the first ~5 months a Century infant car seat. It's convenient early on to have the detachable seat to snap onto a stroller like the snap and go or to just carry the baby around in. I then purchased a Britax seat which fits well especially after the store correctly installed it for me. The Century seat was installed incorrectly by my husband per the CHP officer who checked it for me -- too loose and the angle was incorrect. It required a styrfoam cylinder, pool noodle, to be inserted under the base to fit well, but apparently that is common. I think if a store installs it for you then it should be fine. Try Rockridge kids. Also I strongly recommend having the seat checked by the CHP. You can call them for an appointment. Good luck.
          We have a Jeep Cherokee Sport and used the Century Smart Move (I'm pretty sure that's the name of it) infant car seat until our son turned 1 year. It does have a base and a removable car seat which in my opinion is a great feature. Our son would fall asleep in the car seat and then we could just remove the seat without waking him up - we went out to dinner with him sound asleep in the car seat a few times. I went to a car seat safety check and we passed with flying colors! We got it at Berkeley Baby and the owner installed it for us. There's a tether strap which just hooks onto a bar on the bottom of the front passenger seat. We are now using the Britax Roundabout car seat and are very happy with it. No problems with this one fitting in the Jeep either. Good luck! Jackie