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    I want to lease a Chevrolet EV Spark and I am searching for a good dealer in the Bay. Any recommendations?

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    We just bought a Volt from the Novato Chevy dealership - we shopped around and they were able to offer the best price by a significant amount. Signing the paperwork and picking up the car was also pretty painless - pleasant people, no real attempts to upsell, and we were in and out quickly. So, I don't have any experience leasing from them, but I would assume some of the positive aspects of buying would translate!

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    I've been looking at cars with my wife.  They are all about the same.  Since you are leasing you will get the same deal from every dealership.  I've purchased from the dealership in Concord, Oakland, (now closed) and San Leandro.  My experience has been none of the sales people are trained well and will try and up-sell you because they are paid on commission.  I think since you are leasing there's not much upsell they can do.  Just make sure you don't go over on the lease's mileage.  The cost for going over is really high.

    Hope you like the car.  I tried to sit in one and couldn't.  The car's just too small.  Other than that it seems like a nice car.

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