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Dentist near Albany Village Oct 23, 2018 (2 responses below)
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  • Dentist near Albany Village

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    I'm looking for a dentist for a young adult who hasn't seen one for several years. Should be near Albany Village or accessible by public transit from there, and experienced in working with reluctant patients.

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    I can recommend the Dr Joseph Cortese office on Kains, just south of El Cerrito Plaza.  My family has been going there for years.  "Doctor Joe" himself is semi-retired now and works only part time, but the other dentists and the hygienists (which include at least two of his adult children and at least one son-in-law) are also friendly and good at working with anxious patients of all ages. Fair warning, there is some religious stuff around the office (Dr Joe is very Catholic) but it's just one there has ever made assumptions about the patients' religious beliefs or practices or started any conversations about religion, that I'm aware of.  They seem to take all of the major PPO insurance and they will offer discounts or payment plans for uninsured patients.

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    Dr. Stephen Kobayashi in Albany is great, and so is his office staff. My daughter is very afraid of going to the dentist due to a bad experience when she was younger. She is able to see Dr. Kobayashi and get her teeth cleaned. They are very good with people who are hesitant to see dentists. The hygenists explain what they are doing and they take their time with fearful patients.

  • Hello;

    I am looking for a dentist who is up to date and living in the 21st century, with excellent qualifications and who

    embraces a holistic approach (no mercury, etc.). Is there such a person? Would be very grateful for some

    recent recommendations, many dentists mentioned on the BPN have retired, or are too far away for me to commute to.

    Thanks so much!

    Laura Lawson on Solano Ave in Albany is exactly who your looking for!

    Dr. Koppel is the BEST dentist on the planet!! I'm so fortunate to have found him on Yelp and UC Berkeley parents network.  I was so tired of seeing dentists who recommend unnecessary costly treatments. He is gentle, attentive, credible, meticulous and highly skilled and truly cares about your teeth.  His staff is very efficient, friendly and professional.  

    I can't recommend him highly enough!!!

    We all switched to Dr. Edward Yeh who is located in Walnut Square in North Berkeley, right next to Peet's.  He is very unusual in that he is super careful, slow and deliberate.  Incredible staff.  I'm sure he can deal with your no mercury request.  Also, he does NOT push for doing work that is unnecessary.    It's like an old fashioned practice----kind, thorough, and just terrific.