Zion Lutheran School

Oakland, CA

No longer in business
Private School
Website: http://www.zionlutheran.net/
Oakland, CA
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Jan 2014

Can't stress enough how much I LOVE this school. The hard thing about posting here is that part of me wants to keep this school the best kept secret in the bay area. We found this school late and can't believe we didn't find it first. Having a kindergarten student, we loved that our child hated being late to school and hated leaving school to begin with. Now that we see more of the results, our daughter is reading at a 2nd grade level in kindergarten and could not read coming in, we are convinced that the education approach and methods here are second to none.

Dec 2013

Zion Lutheran School (K-8) is a hidden gem in the hills of Piedmont/Oakland. It is truly hidden, as the playground is sheltered from the main road by trees. The school is accessed by going uphill but the play areas and buildings are on at least 3 acres of flat land. Once on campus, the children are in an environment that fosters a love of learning, peer supprt and building friendships. My daughter is a kindergartner and I love how she has been embraced by her classmates and the older students.

Many if not all of the teachers have been there for a long time - a great team. Lots of parent involvement, a community, and academic excellence.

The school offers robust before and after school programs (7 am-6 pm) and my daughter loved the cooking class and her dance class. There are many other offerings that we plan to participate in as she advances in grade. The classes are small and the teachers experienced.

It is great to know my daughter loves and looks forward to each school day. Nicole A

Sept 2013

I want to get the word out about a great private school that has been around for 130 years, produces fantastic results, is in a great location (Piedmont), and costs only a small fraction of what other private schools charge -- Zion Piedmont.

We are so happy we found Zion for our children. Our son graduated from Zion in June and just started his first year of high school at St Mary's. He is more than prepared for his Honors English and Honors Geometry classes (content and homework load). Within the first week of high school, our son wrote a thank you note to Mr. Heinitz!

Our daughter is in the 3rd grade at Zion. We are very pleased with the reading and math programs (K-8). Our daughter is a competent and analytical reader, which allows her to excel in all subjects in school.

One more note on Zion -- the school does not have cliques (parents or children). The classes are small and all of the children play with one another. The kids (K-8) at Zion are thoughtful, well-rounded, loving and respectful.

Zion is a true gem! Happy parent

Sept 2013

Zion Lutheran School is a great school. It is a positive learnig environment with small class sizes. The students are well behaved and eager to learn. The teachers are awesome and attentive to each child's learning needs. It is a family environment where the students seem to always want to be together. If you are seaching for a good school, try Zion Luther School. Parent

August 2008

My daughter attends Zion, and we can not be more pleased with the school. All of the teachers really care about the students, the academics are well above standard as is expected with a private school, and the school upholds a strong moral guidance for the kids, which I love. The class sizes range from very small to mid-size, which is also a plus because the teacher is able to attend to each different child's needs without an issue. My 2nd daughter will definitely be attending Zion. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking for the same. Sturretta

Nov 2005

RE: Corpus Christi or other school with religious education

Have you looked into Zion Lutheran School? It's just up the street from Corpus Christi. My 3 kids attend and I couldn't be happier. It's academically strong with the advantage of being smaller - more individual attention. Edith

October 2005

Zion Lutheran School (K-8) is one of the East Bay's best kept secrets. The school is on Park Blvd - just inside Piedmont and very close to Oakland's Montclair Village. I am the music teacher and my 3 children also attend.

We offer a lot of programs that are extras at other schools. We have a full time PE instructor - my 5th grader gets PE 4 times a week! I teach music twice a week and we also have computer and Spanish. Our 7th and 8th graders will take part in an outdoor education program on Catalina Island this year. Our 4th grade goes camping in ''Gold Country'' as part of their California History studies.

The class sizes are small - averaging around 20 students. The best part is that Zion has a ''family atmosphere''. The teachers and staff are truly caring and go the ''extra mile'' to help with problems.

Look in the Montclair and Piedmont papers for open house schedules. Check out our sign on Park Blvd too for announcements. '