Without Walls Learning Co-op

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Private School
25 students
Website: https://withoutwallslearning.org/
Email: info [at] withoutwallslearning.org
Miller/Knox Regional Park 900 Dornan Dr Richmond, CA 94801
Program Type: 
Homeschool program

Without Walls (WoW) is an outdoor self-directed learning community run by families and a handful of facilitators who are deeply committed to co-creating spaces to thrive. We gather on the unceded lands of Lisjan Ohlone in Richmond, CA.

We strive to be a part of a revolution in education–a learning space that is non-coercive and anti-oppressive while centering agency, joy, and collective liberation. We trust all to lead their own learning with the support of a loving community. We make space to explore, inquire, create, and grow with the freedom to be our whole selves, while centering social and racial justice.

Learners play, explore, inquire, and create while developing valuable life skills: problem-solving, individual and collective decision-making, conflict resolution, social-emotional wellness.

Parent Reviews

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Our two kids (now ages 8 and 10) are starting their 3rd year at WoW. We are so grateful for this incredible community! During a traumatic time around the world, our children were able to be part of this space for learning, growing and exploring in the natural world. They're genuinely excited to get up and go to WoW every morning and they come home at the end of the day having pushed their bodies, minds and creativity to new levels. Each child's diverse needs and perspectives are valued and supported.  Because of the self-directed approach, the children have true choice and real voice in this community. They can move, jump and climb when they need to and they can sit and engage in a project for hours when they choose to. The collective problem solving that happens is really beautiful, as they identify a challenge and then work together to create a solution. My two children have grown tremendously in their confidence, sense of self-awareness, communication, empathy and leadership. Both of them have such different needs and it's been so meaningful to see how the community has supported them both in such different ways. The community is really committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and supports not just the whole child, but the whole family. We've had meal trains set up for us, playdates and carpools offered when we've needed support. 

My son attends WoW. Children, parents, and facilitators bring offerings (books, toys, games, sports, crafts, science, art, music), but each child spends their days doing what they wish. They can join the offerings or not. It’s full of the joys of childhood that children in schools don’t have enough of. The uninterrupted time outdoors with plenty of beach time, fresh air, bike rides, and endless opportunities for movement does wonders for their mental health and their social skills.The community is friendly and supportive. It’s also full time M-F so even though my child has decided unschooling is the way to go, I can still work full time. A unique space that has done wonders for us!