West County Community High School

Richmond, CA

No longer in business
Charter School
777 Sonoma St, Richmond, CA 94805
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June 2007

Re: finding a high school for neice from San Jose
Your niece may be in luck. A new charter high school(free public school) may be opening in WCCUSD in the Fall, which will offer rigorous academics, in a nurturing and safe environment. Students at this school will be able to learn and follow their passions, create a democratic student governance and learn skills that will help them in life. The school, West County Community High School is set for a hearing by the school board on June 20th for possible charter approval. Check the website, www.peacekey.org and click on West County Community High School for information. Depending on what grade your neice is going into, the school will take 9th and 10th grade students the first year, with only 100 students. The following year will be 150 students. Check it out! Barbara