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After school childcare programs in El Cerrito

Jan 2014


My 10 year old daughter (5th grade) attends a public school in El Cerrito. Luckily, we have a spot in the after school program at her school, and always have. Unfortunately, she hates her after school program, and she doesn't get much out of it actually. It's loud, and even though there is structure, the time they get for homework is not productive, nor is it monitored accurately so that she can get anything done. This makes for stress on both of her working parents, and mostly on her. We have long nights of finishing homework, crying and drama.

My daughter is a great kid, gets excellent grades (tested into the GATE program) and is really into getting her homework done...would rather do that than participate in the sports/social elements of her after school program which by the way, we pay 397.00 per month for. She gets SO frustrated with all the craziness there. Too much energy, I think.

My question is this: does anybody know of an after school childcare alternative for a situation like this? I don't want her walking alone to a babysitter's house, but we're working when school gets out and need her to be somewhere safe and where she can relax and then get some help with homework without costing us a fortune for 3 hours per day. HELP! Ideas please?

My kids didn't do well in a noisy, crazy after school program, either. Since I have three kids, I found the better solution was to have a babysitter pick them up from school and take them to our house to do homework, relax, practice the piano, and have down time. It was a much better solution for us. Also, since you mentioned not wanting her to walk alone, I wanted to tell you about a new service I just learned about specifically designed to shuttle our kids around. It's called Shuddle and there is more information at - it's kind of like Uber for kids. Busy Berkeley Mom


Afterschool programs for Kinder in El Cerrito

Feb 2005


I moved to El Cerrito last year, and I'm looking for a kindergarten for my son from this fall. Also, I'm interested in afterschool programs. Does any public kindergarten provide good program? ps. Bacically, is registration of public kindergartens first- come first-served system? New comer

March is kindergarten sign-up month in El Cerrito. Go to this link to determine your school: Regarding before and aftercare, I hope someone can help me out too. The before and aftercare offered by the city (info available at the community center on Moeser Lane) is market value and sliding scale, but full price is expensive. Does anyone have any less expensive ideas that include transportation? Liz

Try Casa de Ninos in El Cerrito, near Windrush. The director's name is Dee Dee Julian, and it's a pretty good program. They currently do pickup at Castro, Harding, and St. Johns, but might be willing to consider other schools. Kindergarteners get lunch after pick up, plus a warm snack, homework time, and the opportunity to participate in a number of extra-curricular activities (swimming, gymnastics, museum trips, etc). She also runs a good summer program. Her # is (510) 232-0690 Lisa