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2501 Chestnut Street Oakland, CA 94607

VINCENT ACADEMY is a K-5 charter public school located in West Oakland that is tuition free to all families. We offer outstanding elementary education, grounded in scholarship, compassion and resilience. The school is founded on the belief that academic success is attainable for all students. As an innovative charter school, VINCENT ACADEMY combines a rigorous academic program, with an emphasis on the arts, along with a broad program of education and support services for parents. The school also offers extended hours daily (7am to 6pm) and a summer program.

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    My husband and I recently did a tour at Vincent Academy for our soon to be 2nd grader, I'd love to hear anyone who has any experience with the school and if they would recommend it.  We were impressed after talking with the staff and the facility itself but very concerned about the safety of the neighborhood.  Very grateful for any information anyone can provide.  We are newer to the area and can use any insights offered.  

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