St. Lawrence O'Toole

Oakland, CA

Private School
operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland
177 students
Phone: (510) 530-0266
3695 High St., Oakland, CA 94619

Parent Reviews

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Archived Reviews: 

May 2014

Re: Kindergarten openings in private schools?

I'd like to recommend our sweet small school St. Lawrence O'Toole in Oakland. The schools design is small and family like. The K is first rate and I highly recommend. My daughter is thriving and benefitting from a fantastic edacation. The older kids really look out for the little ones and the parent community is first rate. Maya

Jan 2014

We love it here! We had to move our Kindergartener from a public charter school mid-semester and SLOT has welcomed us with open arms. It is simple and academically challenging. Aftercare could be more developed, but it is inexpensive, safe, and the aftercare teachers really care. Mrs. Tasi is everything a K teacher should be. So kind, loving, and patient. It is apparent that she loves God and the kids. Mrs. Douthit, the principal, was so welcoming. The parent group is awesome and raises a lot of money to keep tuition down. Come to an open house, this school might be a good fit for you too! maya

Oct 2008

I'm looking for feedback from families who have or have had children enrolled at St. Lawrence O'Toole in Oakland. Any information about your experiences there would be appreciated.

Because we left CA in summer of 2007, we had to leave St Lawrence O'Toole as well, and we miss it! Our child had a great first year there, and although she's now doing well in a good public school in our new home, we often talk about how she got such a nice start to school at SLOT. The school has high academic standards and is challenging, and is at the same time small and nurturing, and interested in different key aspects of development -- not just intellectual, but also emotional, social, and obviously given the Catholic ID, spiritual. -- Fond of St Lawrence O'Toole

January 2007

Any parents of children who attend St. Lawrence O'Toole in Oakland? I would like to hear what you think of the school. Thank you.

Our daughter started school at SLOT this past August, and we have been extremely happy with our choice. They have high academic expectations for the students, and also offer a comfortable and supportive environment in which our daughter is thriving socially. The school is ethnically diverse and recognizes diversity in ways beyond that -- i.e. inclusive langauge about same-sex families etc. I think this place is quite a find. happy SLOT parent '