St. Elizabeth High School

Oakland, CA

Private School
operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland
Phone: 510-532-8947
1530 34th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94601

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Jan 2012

Re: Catholic school with great faith formation?
My husband is the vice-principal at St. Elizabeth's in Oakland. He'd be happy to talk to you about his school, as well as the others in the Oakland Diocese. Feel free to email me and I will forward your email to him. Hannah

Nov 2010

We're looking into St. Elizabeth High School in Oakland and wondered if anyone had experience, of any kind, with this school. I'd not heard of it before and would love hear some real-life experiences. Do they have a good sports program? What is the rigor of academics? Thx Wendy

My son attended St. Liz for 3 years and enjoyed his time there. The teachers and staff are supportive and wonderful people. Staffaculty turnover is low. My son isn't an athlete so I can't say much more than Google Ashton Purvis and their football team was excellent prior to the coach departing for Berkeley High. The academics are solid college prep with honors classes and some AP classes. Their literary magazine has won awards. My son would not consider Bishop O'Dowd so St. Liz was a good option. The students become very close by senior year. It's a small school so they easily get to know each other and the bond is cemented by annual retreats. Parents are very loosely organized since there are many single parent and working families but the semiannual parent teacher conference nights are well attended and very helpful. It's a closed campus and my son had no problems with using BART, a short walk away. Anon