St. David School


Private School
operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland
Phone: 510-232-2283
871 Sonoma Street Richmond, CA 94805
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Jan 2012

Re: Catholic school with great faith formation?

St. David's in Richmond follows the dioscese curriculum. Very diverse and close community.

Jan 2012

Re: Catholic school with great faith formation?

My kids unexpectedly ended up going to St. David's. St. John's would be our school as it is closer to home and is our parish. In any case, one thing I've been really surprised about is how much ''faith formation'' they've been getting. I grew up going to Catholic schools-Corpus Christi and we didn't have to go to mass once a week. I kind of like that my son (and next year, my daughter) have the experience of sitting through mass with someone else besides me. I think it's probably boring for them at this young was for me.

I am also surprised by their knowledge and grasp and ideas about God, Jesus, Mary, and church. It's clear to me that they have learned quite a bit from some one else, and it wasn't me. I really think they've learned quite a bit at their young ages and I don't get the sense that it is in your face learning.

St. David's is very diverse. There is a sprinkle of a lot of ethnic groups. I would guess that the most predominate group is probably hispanic. It certainly isn't all white like Corpus Christi was when I was growing up. Times have changed.

Classes are small at St. David's. It's got low enrollment, which probably makes classroom management much easier and allows the kids to have more individualized attention...which is just fine with me.

There's a lot of tradition in the St. David community. I live and work in the community and I find that all the alumnus I talk to about St. David's remember it fondly. It's probably past it's hey day....but it's traditions linger. My son looks forward to the traditions. I think we'll be at St. David's for a while.

Feel free to contact me if you want to talk more.

Pleasantly surprised... judy

Sept 2010

St. Davids, located near Wildcat Canyon park is a private, affordable K-8 school-offering curriculum set for all catholic schools via the Diocese of Oakland (standards set the same for any catholic school in the Diocese). The teachers deliver the curriculum well-we love the grade K teacher! Given that the curriculum is essentially the same across the board (at other schools such as Madaleine), it is then the community of parents that come into play. St. Davids has a small, supportive group of families-that are very involved. Many of the teachers have been invested in the school for years. The principal attended St. David herself. I would say that the Administration could be more dynamic, focusing more on website as storefront, creating more general excitement about the school, creating compelling marketing materials and more vibrant school tours-even organizing a marketing committee to really showcase what St. Davids can offer. happy parent

September 2009

I am writing this review of St David School in Richmond because I am very surprised that there are no reviews of this school on this forum now. My daughter attended the Pre-K program in the 2008-2009 school year and we loved it. They offer full time care, if you need it, at a very affordable price. She is now in the Kindergarten class and 16 of the 18 kids were in her Pre- K class, plus they had the Kindergarten teacher read to the Pre- K class once a month, so the teacher is not new to her either. The school is a Catholic school and has a wonderful community of families that are very involved in the school with many fun social events. So far we are very happy with the school and seems like a lot of people do not know about it. It's in Richmond View on Sonoma Street. If you are looking for a family oriented, affordable, private school, I recommend you look into St David. Jenny