St. Barnabas School

Alameda, CA

No longer in business
Private School
operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland
1427 Sixth Street, Alameda, CA 94501
Editors' Notes: 
  • St. Barnabas School closed in June 2008 according to this article in the Catholic Voice

Parent Reviews

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Archived Reviews: 

Feb 2007

Thinking about taking my daughter out of Lum Elementary in Alameda and placing her at St. Barnabas for 1st grade. Does anyone know anything about either of these schools. I don't particularly care for Lum, but I would like some other opinions. We are bi-racial and I feel a little out of place at Lum could just be me.

St. Barnabas has very small class size, but because of this they combine the 1st and Kindergarten classes. Your child will receive a lot of individual attention, but they also combine 5th and 6th grade, I believe. I didn't exactly like this. Please also consider Saint Joseph Elementary. My son's class is pretty diverse ethnically and we love the community there. It is also a very academically challenging school with art, music and spanish.

Nov 2003

For those considering a private/parochial school, I would strongly encourage them to look at St. Barnabas. My son spent three great years there. It is a small school, with all that wonderful intimacy and family atmosphere. The teachers are committed and experienced. Lots of folks seem willing to only look at St. Philip Neri or St. Joes. Perhaps they won't consider St. Barnabas because it is on the ''wrong'' end of town. However, this was a real plus for us, in that the diversity beats what you find at any other private school and many other public schools in Alameda. Sr. Marie is a great principal. Kids graduating from 8th grade regularly get scholarships to many of the best Catholic high schools in the East Bay. Just give it a look. Alameda Mom