Salesian College Preparatory


Private School
operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland
475 students
Phone: (510) 234.4433
2851 Salesian Ave. Richmond, CA 94804

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sept 2011

I'm looking for any information about or reviews of Salesian High School, a Catholic High School in Richmond. My kids are still a few years from high school, but I'm already starting to get worried about our West Contra Costa high school options (De Anza is our neighborhood school) and looking for possible alternatives. (We used to think we might switch school districts, but moving is really not an option for us due to the plummeting of house values in our area). We parents are former Catholics, bur actually atheists/agnostics now, so I'm curious as to how the school is for non-Catholics (I myself went to a Catholic HS back east and was very happy with my education). I'm wondering how the school compares to either the other Catholic High Schools in the East Bay (which are farther away from us), or to other private schools (though I'm not sure we could afford them), or to West Contra Costa public schools, if you have experiences to compare. Our boys are bright and hard working and I want them to have as many opportunities as they can for challenging courses, etc. There are also a couple of Christian schools in our area (El Sobrante), but these seem like they might have too much of an evangelical/fundamentalist bent for our liking (correct us if we're wrong). Anyway, there was only 1 small review of Salesian on BPN, so I'd appreciate any insights! mama with school on the mind

I have been a parent at Salesian since 2004 and have/had 3 daughters there. We love, love LOVE Salesian. It was the absolute best decision for our family. My daughters went to West Contra Costa public schools for elementary and middle school. It was what I witnessed in middle school that made me switch to private for high school. I was afraid for their physical safety and the environment in every aspect was not what I wanted for my girls. For me as a single mother, it was important to not just receive an education but also learn how to become a good human being. In the public schools they were always short on teachers and the parents were not doing what they needed to at home, so it was a never ending circle of disaster and my girls self esteem was suffering because the administration doesn't have time to recognize the ''good'' kids because they are too busy dealing with the ''bad'' kids all the time.

At Salesian the school is wonderful in every aspect. My daughters self esteem soared and they love their school. My oldest is now in her final year at UC Berkeley (currently in Madrid for study abroad program), the second is now in her second year at UC Davis and my youngest is currently a Junior at Salesian. The faculty know you by name and they are very active in controlling drugs and have a ''no tolerance'' policy. A number of their alumni are in law enforcement and talk to parents at the parent meetings. They regularly have drug dogs go through the school and if there are any incidents, the students are expelled immediately. That goes for stealing and things like that also.

I could go on and on. I would be happy to answer any questions. Please contact me at (510) 245-0678 or by email. Very Happy Salesian Mom Sara

June 2007

My niece has bounced around to various schools since she's moved into the West Contra Costa School District from San Jose. The reason being, we have not been happy with the quality of the schools here in Hercules/Pinole area. We've decided to try private school and have applied for Salesian High School in San Pablo. The problem we're experiencing is we applied late (May) when most private schools start accepting applications in March. In addition, her grades weren't the greatest due to the many changes she has been going through recently. She is more than capable of getting good grades, she just needs to be in the right environment. Can anyone please give any advise as to what we can do to get Salesian or any private school to look at accepting her at this late time in the year?

I too got tired of the public middle high schools in Hercules/Pinole area and now have two daughters attending Salesian. You really need to do your homework. Salesian's open house takes place in November, Applications are due in January and the entrance exam end of January. They send out admission letters in March. They always get more applicants then they will accept because they are committed to keeping the school small - less than 600 students. It gets harder to get accepted after freshman year. All I can suggest is that you meet with the Principal and show an interest for next year, or let them know that if a space opens up mid year, you'll take it (they do kick kids out) I don't think they can do anything at this late date, schools already out for this year.

By the way, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Salesian. It's the best school and you'll be very lucky if your child gets in. Good Luck! A very happy Mom '