Rising Star Montessori

Alameda, CA

Private School
Website: http://www.risingstarschool.org
Phone: 510-865-4536
1421 High Street, Alameda, CA 94501
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Parent Q&A

  • Daycare with Openings now in Alameda or Oakland (9 mos & 3.5 yr)

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    My family and I moved from L.A. to the Bay Area on short notice. We are renting in Alameda in the Bayport development for at least a year. We are looking for immediate full-time care for our 3.5 year old daughter and 9 month old son. They were in a wonderful full-time in-home daycare together in L.A. (live music, organic home-cooked meals, art, gardening - we were spoiled!) but we know we'll probably have to split them up here. Plus, we think our daughter is ready for more of a preschool environment. We are willing to drive to the other side of Alameda or to Oakland - we just need a place! Our daughter keeps asking us when she gets to go to her new school :( Does anyone know of good daycares or preschools with openings now or in the next month? Thanks in advance! 

    I would highly recommend Rising Star Montessori for your daughter. Fantastic program and you can usually get in over the summer because they run year-round and most of the regular families don't participate so much now.  Nice thing is, you can sign up week by week if you are on the fence. Also for the school year, they usually have more openings than other local preschools because they are larger than most (with 2 campuses). 

    Alameda Pointe Head start is really good.

  • Reggio or RIE preschool south of Oakland Zoo

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    I've been searching for a Reggio or RIE school in Alameda or along I-580 south of the Oakland Zoo (San Leandro, Castro Valley, south Oakland). Everything either has an extensive wait-list or is out of our price range (~$1700/month). Does anyone have some hidden gems I can look into? I'm not sold on Montessori, but that's looking like the way we may have to go if we stay in Alameda. I'd also love to hear from parents that went the Montessori route without being sure it was right for their child. Thanks in advance.

    As an Alamedan with a child now finishing elementary school, I would say that we were extremely glad to have picked a local preschool, as we made friends that we still have to this day.  I, too, was not too keen on Montessori when we started our preschool search and yes, Alameda is very heavy on Montessori. On closer examination, we found that the Montessori programs are balanced with play and other activities. We were at Rising Star and especially loved the many family activities such as the Fall Harvest Fair and organized parent involvement. This is not just to "sell" the school we chose, but just to say that we were very glad in the end to chose a local school where we built longterm connections and that this was worth it above any one "methodology." We also know a lot of people whose kids went to other Alameda preschools and also had great experiences. So I would urge you to at least consider your local options - Alameda is such a great community, and preschool is a great time to get to know other local families. 

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