Wildwood Elementary School


Public School
operated by Piedmont Unified School District
Website: http://www.piedmont.k12.ca.us/wildwood/
Phone:  (510) 594-2780
301 Wildwood Avenue Piedmont, CA 94611

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Archived Q&A and Reviews

April 2009

We're moving to Piedmont and will be in the Wildwood Elementary district. I'd love to hear from current Wildwood parents about the school. Do you like it? Does it have a good after-school program? Are new kids accepted easily? We're wondering if it's a good idea to move our son, who will start 4th grade next year, from his private school, or wait two more years until middle school. (Our older child will start middle school next year.) Thanks for your advice!

Wildwood is wonderful. Maybe we are just incredibly lucky with the class our daughter is in, but that's not the impression we get. Her teacher is smart, kind, sensitive, perceptive. There is not a bully or diva in the class; our daughter truly likes every single one of her classmates -- ok, this has got to do with some luck. The after school programs are phenomenal -- she doesn't want to leave, even when I'm late and feeling guilty. And the parent community is so genuinely friendly and engaged. I'm sure there are so many wonderful schools out there. If you are lucky enough to have your child go to Wildwood, I bet you will never have the quality of the school or experience be of concern, just gratitude. grateful parent