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Nov 2012

Hi everyone, I heard that Palmer is a great school but I'm wondering if this applies to all grade levels. I heard some concerns regarding the upper grade level regarding technology, etc. Is this true? How are the academics? Social life for the kids? The teachers? I am planning to enroll my son next year. He will be in third grade. Any information or advice will be very appreciated! Thank you!

My child is in first grade at Palmer. And while I have no first hand experience of the upper grades, I do have friends with kids in third grade, and one in sixth grade, and they are all happy with the school. For my child, the school has been amazing. The teachers are wonderful and supportive. I have so far been impressed with the academics, as well as the school's ability to give a balance of social time and work time. I have heard too the complaint about the technology, and maybe when my child is older that may be a concern, but I also feel that if that is an interest for my child, we can supplement that with other classes, camps, etc. I didn't feel that that was a strong enough reason to not attend Palmer. I have had a chance to talk to many parents at the school, and I have not found one person who was disappointed with their experience with Palmer. It really is a special place, and I feel lucky that my child is able to be there. Palmer Fan

March 2011

My husband and I are considering sending our son to the Palmer School in Walnut Creek in the Fall -- starting in kindergarten. Our son is bright, but a little socially awkward, so we thought a private school might be the way to go. I was hoping to hear from others out there that have had recent experiences at Palmer. Also, if anyone has feedback on the summer camp there, it would be greatly appreciated. anon

Palmer School is wonderful. I cannot say enough good things about it. My son attended Kindergarten there for the first semester of this year, but because we are in WC and the local school is ''top rated'' I decided to save some money and give it a try. Believe me, I think about sending him back to Palmer every day and may do so for 1st grade. The K teachers at Palmer, Ms. Woods, Ms. Foster, and Ms. Lainie are true gems. Patient, fun, and loving... everything that a kindergarten teacher should be. If your son is shy, he will thrive at Palmer. There were a few kids at the beginning of the year that were extremely shy, but within a few weeks they were running around with their friends. Because of the small and intimate nature of the classes, all the children really get to know each other. There were two classes of 14 kids each, but both classes combine often. The academics are excellent and my son started the public school way ahead of most of his new peers. The academics are taught in a fun and creative way, such that the kids truly have fun learning. They also of Art and PE every day. Keep in mind that Palmer has ''traditional'' values, children are expected to show respect to eachother and adults, address their teachers by Mr. and Mrs. boys wear their uniforms with shirt tucked in, girls wear no makeup, etc. But, judging from the way I see some kids dressed at the public school, I liked the uniforms. (But, no uniform required in Kindergated at Palmer). If you wouuld be happy to discuss further if you would like more information. Stephanie

March 2005

I hard that Palmer School is a reputable private K-8 school in Walnut Creek. Does anyone have experience about Palmer 's Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs? When I visited Palmer School recently, I noticed that the teacher was ''teaching'' the 4, 5 year old about body parts and math on the blackboard. Is it too ''academic''? I will appreciate any opinions. ''headache'' Mom

My son was in the JK program at Palmer last year and is in the kindergarten this year. He loves it there. I didn't think JK was overly academic. They spent a lot of time playing games outside and singing songs everywhere they went. The academic part was doing a letter a week which they learned how to write and make the sound. They learned counting to 100 and patterns. The teacher my son had was wonderful (very loving and positive) - but last year was the only time they've had enough kids to have two JK classes so you most likely wouldn't get her. I thought the art was a bit weak - not encouraging creativity so much as teaching specific skills.

Kindergarten is a lot different - it is much more academic. I like that they divide the kids into 4 different math and reading groups depending on ability. My son is starting to read, add and subtract but he is one of the oldest kids in his class and in the top group in both math & reading. Other kids are still working on letters and counting to 100. Just depends on what they are ready for. My son has about 15 minutes of homework a night (M-Th)for reading and about once a month he has a math packet that he can do over time. My impression is that some of the other reading/math groups have less homework. We had always planned on sending my son to public school in first grade, but are rethinking it now because he loves going to school and doing the homework. Happy Parent '