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Bridge K - 8 modern Orthodox Jewish day school offering a superior secular and Jewish education to a diverse Jewish community. We value conceptual thinking, creativity, curiosity, imagination, and collaboration within the framework of Jewish values.

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  • Recent experiences at OHDS?

    Jan 24, 2024

    We're considering OHDS for our children and I'd love to hear about others' recent experiences there. What is the community like particularly for a secular family? What downsides should we be aware of? How does the school handle incoming students who are not in kindergarten and haven't yet had much exposure to Hebrew and judaic studies? Have you been satisfied by how the school differentiates for bright students as well as kids with mild learning challenges such as ADHD? What is the social experience like for students who don't start in kindergarten - is it easy to make friends? Thank you so much in advance! 

    Hi there! We've loved the school for our daughter. We started in 1st grade. Our daughter has some mild learning issues and hadn't gone to Kindergarten due to the pandemic. She started with not much exposure to Hebrew and couldn't read English either. The first grade teachers were exceptional in their ability to meet her where she was at and help her gain confidence and catch up within the year. In the following years, every teacher we've had has been wonderful. I have an older kid who went to secular school, and she's never had a teacher as good as any single one of the OHDS teachers. In our experience, they are remarkably good at what you've asked re: differentiated learning. Oh--and making friends in 1st grade was not hard--everyone was super welcoming, and because it's a small community, she knew everyone quickly. I often forget she wasn't there from the start.

    The other question you asked is complicated--about being a secular family. Our family is very engaged Jewishly but not Orthodox. As I mentioned, the community is very welcoming of everyone, and that's regardless of Jewish practice. It hasn't interfered with making friends. And I love how much she is learning! That said, there have been several ways our kid has felt "different" being there as a non-Orthodox kid. I've known other kids in the community who haven't felt that, but she's really perceptive to difference. We have to support her through it regularly. One thing to know is that you have to work harder to make weekend playdates/sleepovers happen if you don't attend one of the Orthodox synagogues or live within walking distance. It feels really different in that way than it does having a kid at a secular school. All in all though, it feels worth it to us and to her for the wonderful education and community!

    Good luck with your choice!

    Our kids started at OHDS in 5th and 6th grade and our family has been so happy with our decision to send them there. They've been to two other schools before we moved to Berkely - one public elementary school and one other Jewish Day School. This has been the best experience we've had with any school in terms of the quality of the leadership, teachers, and community. The families and kids have all been exceptionally warm and welcoming to all of us and the kids have made friends quickly and even taking on leadership roles in the school. Both of our kids have learning differences and areas of real strength, and I've been overwhelmed by the support of the Director of Learning Support, who is knowledgeable, caring and supportive; and also been impressed by the extent to which all of the teachers do their best to see the kids strengths and growth areas, and meet kids where they are - whatever they might be. While our kids did have a couple years of Hebrew and JS experience from their other day school, they were not (and still are not yet) at the level of most of the other students. The school is good about integrating new students in the Judaic Studies (JS) and Hebrew programs, and also modifying and adding support as needed. Other amazing things about the school include their music and art programs.

    A few downsides to be aware of: 1) The school is small and some of the grades are very small. This can feel limiting socially. They address this a bit by creating a larger feeling in Middle School through combining kids in different grades in classes like JS electives and arts/sports electives as well as in leveled classes like math. 2) As a family committed to egalitarian practice we can sometimes feel uncomfortable with the non-egal Orthodox school practices such as dividing boys and girls for morning prayer starting in 5th grade. That said, they are very honest upfront about where this will be happening, and there are so many strong women in leadership including service leadership. 3) As a non-Orthodox family, as the other poster said, our kids can sometimes feel outside of the social circles that happen naturally on Shabbat mornings around the Orthodox synagogues in Oakland and Berkeley. They've gotten very good at knowing how to navigate this - even sometimes showing up at these synagogues to find friends. 

    We have been really happy with our choice to send the kids there overall. I hope this is helpful. Wishing you the best of luck in your search and decision.

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Do you have a child who will be 5 years old by Spring 2018 and you feel is too old for Preschool yet too young for Kindergarten? Oakland Hebrew Day School has an excellent Bridge-K program for your child that builds thinking, exploration, and independence skills. The program also offers musicality, nature, cooking, art, exploration, and kinesthetic learning. My daughter is having an incredibly successful first year of Bridge K and she is ready to thrive in kindergarten! Oakland Hebrew Day School is a warm, inclusive, Jewish Day School whose curriculum remains on the cutting edge. Please contact the admissions director, Philippa Lichterman, to find out more: plichterman [at] ohds.org (plichterman[at]ohds[dot]org) or 510-531-8600. 

OHDS is a wonderful school.  Both of my children attended K - 9.  They are very, very different kids, but both had incredibly valuable experience.  Both kids were incredibly well prepared for high school - in terms of their academics, their values, adaptability, self-advocacy and respect for others.  One child is thriving at Berkeley High and the other is thriving at the Jewish Community High School.  One is highly academic, and the other has dyslexia (mild) and some other learning differences.  OHDS was able to meet both of their needs in creative and thoughtful ways, and help both of them achieve what was appropriate for them. 

Love Love Love this school! It's our 4th Jewish Day school in 6 years (due to various work moves and by far the best. All three of my kids have attended from 2nd Grade though 8th and all three have gained so much in such different ways. The academics have been stellar and I've been moved and humbled by how well the teachers know each of my kids and how much time and effort they have spent trying to get them to be the best versions of themselves they can be. It puts differentiated learning into practice in an effective and meaningful way (with my three VERY different learners). The language immersion program is by far the best I've experienced in any of our previous schools in the UK and the East Coast. The immersion extends to Judaic studies where the kids are connected with their religion, history and people in a deep, meaningful and spiritual way (no matter what their level of observance may be at home). My (now high school aged) son will forever treasure the opportunity he had to meet and form connections with Holocaust survivors. The school prepared him for his very academic high school brilliantly. As a new family to the Bay Area (with no previous connections to the area,) we've been touched by how much of a home and community the school has become to our family. Thank you OHDS!

Our family is SO happy with this kind, loving, welcoming school! I have 2 children currently at OHDS (and 2 younger ones who will join them when they age into it!). Our experience has been phenomenal, and the school has managed to meet each child where he/she is at. They have thread that impossible needle of supporting where each child needs (reading later, help socializing) and challenging them in areas where they excel (math, Hebrew, science). The small class sizes really allow for individual attention, and I often enter a classroom with 3 teachers and 3 groups of students working at appropriate levels. My daughter loves that science is used as a way to teach writing, research, and paragraph building, this has helped her find a love in an area where she previously wasn't interested. They have an award-winning art program, which brings joy and mess into their school lives!
Neither my husband nor I grew up religious, and yet this is the most welcoming place. We want our children to have more knowledge that we do, and we love that our children are creating a deep-seated sense of Jewish identity, a love of Israel, of all Jews, and all people across the world. The dual-curriculum just adds depth and enjoyment to their days. It's the best secular education with a rigorous and immersive Hebrew and Judaic curriculum. The feeling of community at OHDS is not comparable to any other school we have seen.

Oakland Hebrew Day School is a gem of a school. While offering an excellent Jewish and secular education, it also provides children with a nurturing community that emphasizes kindness and respect for all. I’ve been very happy sending my two kids there. OHDS has given them the tools and knowledge to continue on a Jewish path in life if they wish to do so, while also opening the doors to lifelong learning in any field. My older child is now at College Prep (a top-ranked high school) and he is succeeding beautifully there. The dual language program at OHDS helped him to pick up high school French quickly, and his writing and math skills have helped him to excel academically. Most importantly, his years of training to be a mensch at OHDS serve him well as he chooses friends, makes important life decisions, and finds the good that he can do in the world. There are so many things I love about OHDS: the instruction is wide-ranging and dynamic, the community of teachers and parents is welcoming and supportive, and the school is a bright and joyful place. If you haven’t yet considered OHDS as an option, I highly recommend that you visit this school.

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Oct 2013

I realize it is open house season for schools, and I want to share my wildly positive experiences at Oakland Hebrew Day School, where my children are currently in 2nd grade and kindergarten. We moved to the East Bay 2 years ago specifically so my son could attend this school aftering touring many private schools for him (he is learning disabled).

The school is simply amazing - nurturing, treating each child as an individual and excelling in differentiated learning, challenging, and fun! There has not been a day so far where my son (and daughter, now) did NOT want to go to school.

I love the teachers' commitment to making sure each child succeeds. The small class sizes, paired with their co-teaching model, ensures that my kids receive attention from a trained teacher every day.

As a bilingual school that is faith-based, my children are learning a new language but also traditional values in a modern world. I love that they are not only learning their ABCs and 123s (albeit in a cutting-edge way that makes me question how I was taught), but how to be good people and make appropriate decisions in a sometimes confusing world.

I also wanted to state that although the school is modern Orthodox, there is great diversity in the Jewish population of the school, with many kids coming from all facets of Jewish observance, inter-faith and same-sex families. There is a great awareness and sensitivity to all types of children and family units. Even if you are doubtful, schedule a tour - you may be pleasantly surprised! Maureen K

Nov 2012

My family actually moved to the Bay Area for this school. I have boys in fourth and second grade. The academics are amazing--the reading/writing program uses the Socratic method of discussion in the classroom so the kids become critical thinkers; in art they study great artists and then try the medium of that artist; in science, the school has created its own curriculum: Each year the kids become a new kind of scientist to study a field in depth (this year I've got an inventor and two paleontologists).

And they actually have a great physical education program (It wouldn't be my inclination to care about this except, with three boys, it matters --a lot). My oldest boy plays on a lunchtime football league that the coach set up and he loves it.

I would also say the learning style is incredibly experiential--a lot of hands on activity (one son crushed grapes with his bare feet with the rest of his class to make kosher wine this year) and a lot of interesting people coming into the classroom to teach them new things.

The teachers (and staff) are incredibly savvy about kids. We've been at two other schools elsewhere, and this isn't always a given. They are so positive and so willing to help you with the developmental hiccups that every kids experiences growing up, both in the classroom and at home. The teachers/staff collaborate and seem to work as a team; in other schools I've seen, teachers can end up seeming like free agents, each working hard in his own classroom, but not with the other staff as much.

As for the Jewish studies, I think it would suit people from a broad spectrum of observance. The program is strong, but people here do come from all backgrounds. For me, the most important part of this part of the curriculum is how it circles back, again and again, to having good character, and to helping the kids explore what it means to be a good person. Really, the best way to see if it suits you is to go check it out.

Nov 2012

Since tour season is upon us, I wanted to let you all know about OHDS. We actually moved to the East Bay last year just so our son could attend (he is in 1st grade now), and have been blown away by his academic and personal growth. Located on a beautiful campus, OHDS is fully accredited and combines a language-immersion (Hebrew) curriculum and 21st century learning with a warm and nurturing community where values are taken seriously. The school is also very diverse, with families coming from all over the Bay Area. Thinking from a ''whole-child'' perspective, the school has a nationally-recognized art program (the art instructor even got my comic-book loving boy to learn to love crafts) and differentiated instruction, with a full-time Resource team supporting all grade levels (which we have been so happy with, as our son has sensory issues, and they have been very supportive). As for working parents, there is an after-school enrichment program until 6:00 PM, and the school provides generous financial aid; in fact, it closed a $1 million dollar matching grant for scholarship last year.

My son has flourished there. He is challenged, making friends and is learning not only his ABCs and 123s, but to be a respectful person who is part of a greater community. On top of it all, it's not just a school, but a warm community, and we, as a family, have already made good friends as well. MK

Nov 2012

What a difficult decision we made for my child's entry to kindergarten. We were deciding between Crocker highland and Oakland Hebrew Day School. So pleased we chose OHDS. Yes, it costs but they are very generous with scholarships. We really based our decision on the fact that the kids come out of that school with such strong values and respect for adults, classmates, teachers... Also, they really meet the kids where they are and are so so loving. Happy OHDS Parent

Nov 2012

OHDS welcomes all Jewish families and offers a dynamic learning environment for all kinds of kids. The dual curriculum prepares students for great high schools and more than that for living awesome lives with real attention to how the choices they make impact themselves and the world. The school is set in a beautiful location that is part of the curriculum with trips to the local (gorgeous) park for native plant restoration projects, hiking and visits to the nearby assisted living facility. Students learn to be leaders and they have fun in the process. A very professional and loving staff! Go for a visit! OHDS truly changed our lives for the better in countless ways! A Happy OHDS Parent!

Nov 2012

Oakland Hebrew Day has been a fabulous school for my daughters. There is such a deep sense of connection, creativity, respect and relationship among and between students and faculty and staff -- and the academics are really strong, too. OHDS Parent

Dec 2009

We're considering both Tehiyah and Oakland Hebrew Day School for our child, who will begin kindergarten next fall. I'd love to hear from parents who have considered both. We are not orthodox at all - don't keep a kosher kitchen and are not shomer shabbat, and wonder about fitting in at OHDS. I'm also concerned about the distance from our home in Oakland to Tehiyah, and whether we'll be spending half our lives driving all over for playdates, school events, etc. Thanks for your input! Mom of a soon-to-be-kindergartener

I can answer from the perspective of a parent of two kids at TDS. Both my kids have been there since kindergarten. One is now in 8th grade; the other in 6th. We live in the El Sobrante area, about 6 miles from the school. Although we appear to be close to the school, we are in the minority. I would say the majority of students live in Berkeley and Oakland.

There is a school bus for kids that live in Berkeley and Oakland.

Regarding your concern about driving because of playdates, etc., I don't think you need to worry. You'll find many of your child's friends probably will be in your area. Truthfully, although we have always had to drive for playdates (as hardly anyone lives where we do), it's really never been a problem. Distance is relative. And don't worry about spending ''half your life'' driving. As time goes on, you'll look forward to carpool opportunities when they arise.

The thing that outweighs everything is really the friendships that we have gained through being a part of the Tehiyah community. We have made life-long friends at TDS.

OHDS is also a great school. Rather than choose based on how much driving you'll do, make your decision based on what you want out of the school and for your child. Both schools are great, but they are different. For me, TDS is a great place where I know my kids are getting a superb education in a safe environment. I like the mission statement of the school. I love the kids, teachers, staff, and families. We are truly a close knit community.

So look at both schools closely. Go on tours. See what resonates with you.

Wish you all the best in your decision. Marcia

This is a big decision!

We are a non-orthodox Berkeley family who chose OHDS and couldn't be happier with the decision. I think we're about middle of the road in terms of observance at OHDS (I'm writing this on Friday night after my Shabbat dinner guests have left!). There's quite a range, from happily secular to orthodox. The school has a modern orthodox point of view and mission, but always feels very inclusive and non-judgmental.

I think that both OHDS and Tehiyah offer great education and communities. We chose OHDS because OHDS aims for a 50/50 split between Judaic Studies/Hebrew and General Studies (reading, math, science, etc.). This is very intense, but is exactly what we were looking for in a Jewish day school -- a major focus on torah and Hebrew.

Logistics matter, of course. Our daughter has long days to get to the bus on time and such, so if you could easily drive your child to school, that could certainly simplify things. I think that kids live all over and attend both schools, so there will certainly be some shlepping for birthday parties and playdates, whichever school you choose.

I hope that you spend some time touring both schools, and have an easy time deciding which is a better fit for your family!

We have 2 daughters at Tehiyah- in 3rd grade and 7th grade- and we live in Oakland. We looked at both OHDS and Tehiyah and chose Tehiyah for the ''community'' as opposed to ''Orthodox'' orientation of the school, for the focus on core Jewish values in everyday life, and for the warm, nurturing atmosphere. Both girls have thrived there. They are accepting of people with a wide variety of beliefs; they are proud and happy to be Jewish; they have wonderful friends; and they have had incredibly involved and supportive teachers. The academics are strong (2 periods a day of Hebrew and Jewish Studies- the rest general studies). We all feel very much a part of the wonderful community there. Our girls take the bus in the morning and we are in various carpools in the afternoons and the logistics have worked out just fine. I am happy to discuss our experience at Tehiyah further if that is of interest. Cathy (cathy [at] inventek.com) cathy

Just a little feedback regarding Tehiyah Day School. I have been a parent at the school for over 10 years now and sincerely think it is a marvelous school. We live in Oakland and have not had any issues with our kids riding the school bus. The bus driver is incredibly responsible, reliable and makes it her job to get to know the kids; she has been driving the Tehiyah bus, I believe, for well over 15 years. We are in a carpool with another family and this way our kids get a ride home 2 to 3 days a week. We take the carpool lane and I kid you not, can be home in less than 20 minutes! We know many families who have attended both Tehiyah and OHDS and I believe you cannot go wrong at either school. However, keep in mind that there may be more diversity at Tehiyah (different types of families, all levels of religious observance) than at OHDS. My son who is now in high school had a stellar education and my other son is in 4th grade and is truly happy. Tehiyah has a wonderful way of focusing on the 'whole' student, focusing not only on academic achievement but on the student's social and emotional well being. It is a wonderful community and as well has an amazing faculty and head of school. Hope this helps! anon

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Jan 2007

We are extremely happy with our choice to send our daughter to OHDS. She loves school and her teachers (who are outstanding), has made many friends, and feels very much a part of the nurturing school community.

We wanted to send our child to a Jewish Day school for a solid Jewish education, but without sacrificing anything academically in the General Studies arena. We have not been disappointed. OHDS has a very solid academic curriculum, both in general studies and Judaica. A curriculum guide was distributed to parents this past Fall which outlines the K-8 General and Judaic Studies curricula. We are incredibly impressed with its contents,and grateful to have our child in a school which is so committed to providing such an excellent education.

Another important feature of a Jewish day school, for us, was for Jewish values to be taught and encouraged. Even at the Kindergarden level we see that every day Jewish values are part of the learning process. In addition, the small classes enable the teachers to know the needs of each child well, and create a warm communal atmosphere. OHDS also has excellent enrichment programs, including a fantastic art program, music, computers, PE, etc.

We are not orthodox, and we have felt very comfortable at OHDS since there is such a wide range of observance levels, and a non-judgemental atmosphere.

We encourage anyone who is considering Jewish day school as an option to visit OHDS and see the wonderful things that are happening there! Debbie

March 2006

At OHDS our two children are academically challenged,mentored by outstanding teachers, and we have all made our life long friends. One of the saddest days in our lives will be when our daughter graduates in two years and we leave this incredible community. OHDS has:

*Excellence in general studies-OHDS graduates are thriving in top schools. Students transferring to or from OHDS comment on the academic superiority of OHDS.

*A dual curriculum enhances the child-nothing is compromised in general studies.

*Four specialty classes -Art, Physical Education, Computer Lab, and Music

*A parent community second to none! We have an extremely involved parent body who enjoy adult education, socials and fun volunteer activites at the campus.

*8th grade trip to Israel! OHDS is the only school in the East Bay to take it's students to Israel for more than 10 days in May.

*Boys and girls are taught together with equal expectations

*Full time resource room-4 specialty teachers meet a broad spectrum of learning needs.

Choosing a school for your child and for your family is difficult,but when it's right, magic can happen...it did for us at OHDS. Good luck! lask

January 2005

Our daughter is flourishing at Oakland Hebrew Day School. We are an interfaith family, and our level of observance at home is not close to the level at school. Our daughter already understands that home and school are different and knows how to follow the practice at each. Unlike Orthodox day schools in other parts of the country, there is no pressure to conform, just to be observant within the context of the school to make the school fit the wide range of levels of observance.

The academics are outstanding. In K-3, the children are stretched, with a focus on learning how to learn and meeting them at their level of ability. Our daughter really loves the Hebrew education. If you ask her her favorite thing about school, she says it is the teachers, and the after-school programs (she is doing sports, school play and ceramic arts).

We have heard that starting in 4th grade the academics are very rigorous. One way Oakland Hebrew Day maintains individual attention is the student-teacher ratio. In a class of 20 kids, there are 2 teachers and an aide. In a class of less than 20, there are still 2 full-time teachers, and there are additional specialists (e.g., art, computers). jb

January 2004

Oakland Hebrew Day School has been great for my children and family in so many ways. We are an interfaith family and far from modern Orthodox; however it has been very easy for us to make a home at OHDS. The community is open, engaging, warm, and all over the place in terms of \x93levels of observance.\x94 We have felt welcomed and embraced completely. Children are not taught that there is a wrong way to practice Judaism at OHDS.

What has truly impressed me over the past 3 years that we have been at the school is the individualized approach that the school, administration and especially teachers have to teaching the children at the school. My older child has issues that require a level of understanding of \x93different\x94 children, as well as a willingness to accept and adapt. Each year, I have watched the teachers adapt, be curious, and even grow with my child. When problems arise, a meeting is called and we all work on it together.

This individualized approach is also visible in the way that OHDS provides extra support for children who are either advanced or require additional support. Both of my children are academically advanced, and for both of them, the school has, without any request from me, placed them in reading or math or other groups that challenge them at their particular levels. I am thrilled at the academic progress that both of my children have made at OHDS.

At the same time, I love the other kinds of learning that I see my children doing at OHDS. My kindergartner tells me stories of how he is \x93being his higher self\x94, a concept and language he learned and surprisingly absorbed in class. My older son tells me that he got two mitzvah, or good deed, pins from peers for helping them during the day. The kids are learning to be kind and thoughtful and to appreciate one another\x92s gestures independent of a teacher. This learning to be a ''mensch,'' carries over into the playyard, which is actually a very kind place. Kids do not exclude, they are taught to work problems out, and if they need help, teachers or administrators help in resolving conflicts. And finally, while I personally was most anxious about incorporating morning prayer into my children\x92s education, it is now one of my favorite aspects of my kids\x92 learning at the school. They are learning to appreciate and be thankful, to start the morning singing with heart and conviction, and to consider giving tsedakah or charity every morning to someone else or a cause outside of them.

I believe families from a variety of religious backgrounds could flourish at OHDS, and feel very fortunate that my children and family are a part of the school and community. lg

February 2003

The classes are small. The teachers are truly very good. All could be teaching elsewhere but come to OHDS because they want to be at a Jewish Day School. More advanced students progress as fast as they can. But, nobody gets left behind. Next year we are moving to a new campus which will improve the environment.

Both the Jewish and secular studies have impressed me. The parents and other students are a real bonus.

p We have two children at OHDS now and look forward to our third attending soon. eg

January 2003

I am interested in sending my son to a Jewish day school. I am wondering what people thought of Oakland Hebrew Day school vs. Tehiyah Day School. If you have recommendations of either individually that is great or a comparison if you looked at both and choose one. I am also interested in knowing if a family who does not observe Shabbat would fit in at Oakland Hebrew Day School. Thank you for your help. -looking for a good Jewish education

My daughter is a kindergartner at OHDS. She is very happy there and so are we. We are not Orthodox and we are not Shomer Shabbat. We are Conservative and attend services on Shabbat--we drive to services. I don't know how OHDS compares to Tehiyah. I do know that there is an eclectic group of families at OHDS with a broad range of Jewish observance. We feel very much a part of the OHDS family and feel comfortable with the way OHDS embraces the spiritual and intellectual wonder of our five-year-old. Sue

My older son went to Oakland Hebrew Day School (OHDS) for kindergarten through 3rd grade. It was an excellent school for him. The classes were small and the curriculum challenging. His teachers were dedicated, intelligent, and sensitive to my child's needs. Our family is not orthodox or even close. We found acceptance for our own style of Judaism. Still, the school does follow orthodox traditon, so you must be able to live within that tradition. For example, the boys wear kippahs, all food must be kosher, etc. I was concerned as we approached 4th grade, for a few reasons. The school day was going to be lengthened and it seemed too long. Also, they were beginning at that point to teach things that I did not agree with, that did not fit in with my feminist thinking. I did not want my sons to adopt some of those beliefs about women.

My son is in 9th grade now, so my experience is from 6 years ago. The school had been open only a year when we started there. I do not know how things have changed (or not changed). For us, it was a perfect fit for my child's needs at the time. Good Luck! Patti

We've looked at both and been impressed by both. We prefer Tehiya for the following reasons: it's not affiliated with modern orthodox as is OHDS, doesn't have prayer as part of curriculum (therefore taking away from other subjects), and is larger and therefore has more extensive and impressive programs. We also really connected with the people at Tehiya. Hope this helps. -- Also looking for good Jewish education

We have been in Oakland Hebrew and are now at Tehiyah. We have found, comparatively, Tehiyah to have, overall, much better academics, a more supportive administration, happier teachers, and much! happier students at Tehiyah. There is a larger social pool from which to pull at Tehiyah, as well. We gave Oakland Hebrew 2 years before we left, and I wished we had left sooner.

Note: Reviews were also received for Tehiyah Day School . '