Laurel Elementary School

Oakland, CA

Public School
operated by Oakland Unified School District
Phone: (510) 531.6868
3750 Brown Avenue, Oakland, CA 94619

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Oct 2015

RE: Disappointed with Oakland public kindergarten experience

Thank you so much for your post! It echoes closely the way I have been feeling about our local OUSD (Laurel) for our kindergartener. Including the sympathy I have for all that the teachers have to deal with... But it is *very* ''old school'' here, literally- most teachers have been there for decades; and a lot of the school-wide emphasis is on behavior and control and those awful tones of voice. And I hear this from other grades' rooms as well, so this is likely to last all elementary school. Our son's teacher is the strictest, but she is also loving, so that has mitigated it some. Also, I wouldn't say our son is good at ''self-regulating'', so I waffle about what is best for him... As I, ah, cringe!

We too came from a Emilio Reggio preschool, so it is definitely a culture shock. It is soooo different from the entire philosophy and how kids are treated as people. Then again, it has been nice not to be spending a massive amount of our budget on school anymore.

So, I sympathize and feel the same. I share your uncertainties (including whether I am kidding myself!). And I thank you so much for putting all of your experiences and thoughts into words! I have been reading the responses to your post with great interest. Thank you! - Ugh too

Dec 2007

Laurel Elementary is also our neighborhood school, and my son will be starting kindergarten in Fall 2008 as well. There is an active neighborhood parents group called Laurel Village Parents, and we have a Yahoo Group set up for communication. But you're right, I think most of the kids are still babies/toddlers. Please feel free to e-mail me if you'd like to discuss the whole school process. Good luck! Tonya

Oct 2005

does anyone send their children to laurel elementary in oakland? our daughter may start kindergarden next year and i wonder what you think of it. any feedback would be much appreciated. thanks! melinh

I don't have any experience with Laurel elementary, but I do live in the neighborhood and Laurel is our assigned school. My son is not quite old enough for kindergarden, but I am starting to wonder about our options. So, no feedback, but I wanted to let you know that there are other BPN families thinking about Laurel elementary. Thanks.
another Laurel neighborhood family