La Escuelita Elementary School

Oakland, CA

Public School
operated by Oakland Unified School District
English, Spanish
Phone: 510-874-7762
1050 2nd Avenue, Oakland, CA 94606
Program Type: 
Language Immersion
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August 2012

My children just transferred to La Escuelita Elementary School (Oakland public school) and I couldn't be happier. It is in a brand new beautiful ''green building'' across from the main district office on 2nd Avenue near downtown Oakland and across from Laney College. It's a small school with a principal and teachers who are very caring and rigorous. My daughters are happy with the well-disciplined classes. It's a K-5 school but will eventually be K-8. Impressed Parent

Dec 2009

Does anyone have experience at La Escuelita Elementary school in Oakland? We are considering sending our daughter there for Kindergarten next year - and would love to hear any comments and/or criticisms.....Thanks! Tia Lisa

I went to La Escuelita from 3 years old until 6th grade. I absolutely loved it. I have several cousins and friends that I still keep in touch with that went to La Escuelita. Many of the teachers were friends of my parents and gave me a sense of community. Unfortunately, this was 30 years ago! =) Overall, I have very fond memories of that school. lorena